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Updated: 2011 September 07 IAEP posting

Continuing goals


  • Monitor Sugar Labs community communications to learn of potential wiki content or service improvements.
  • Monitor Sugar Labs' and collaborators' wikis contents for potential improvements.
  • Address #tickets.

Near-term goals

(3-6 months)

Medium-term goals

(6-12 months)

  • Investigate inter-wiki searching options that would allow for joint searching of Sugar Labs and collaborator wikis.
  • Seek collaboration on better separation and joining of information between collaborator wikis, i.e.,

Long-term goals

(1-3+ years)

  • Seek more ways to automatically embed integrative links on mailing list posts, patchwork, gitorious, bugs, doc, translate, etc. products so Learners can easily navigate to the source.


  • What does the team see as its constraints from being more successful in its Mission?
    1. Participation
    2. Technological complexity
    3. Complexity of organizing information
  • What are we doing to try to resolve the constraint?
    1. Maintain quality of information and service.
    2. Watch for prime wiki applications where thresholds are low and ceilings high.
  • What can Sugar Labs 'central' or the community do to help?
    1. Promote greater documentation and interlinking of information.
    2. Attract more participants by public discussion.


Tickets entered, pending completion


Test wikis

Note: The following two wikis share the same page database, but have separate server configurations.

  • Follow up on marking pages on as migrated.
    See open bugs for the remaining open bugs.


  • Install mediawikiwiki:Extension:NewArticleTemplates for easier new page editing support for new and experienced users. (Lower floor and raise ceiling.)
    1. include separate subpage template
    2. investigate to determine if the Mediawiki:NewArticleTemplate could include a template parameter that would default to Mediawiki:NewArticleTemplateDefault, but allow an arbitrary NS_MAIN page to be called for customization.
      If you want a button to "create a new page", you can use Extension:Inputbox See example at olpc::Testing_meetings. -- Skierpage 17:16, 30 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Consider embedding Nabble's Sugar Forum to provide a mailing list forum environment on the wiki.


If and when has a lot of information that can be displayed, queried, and summarized in multiple places, the olpc:Semantic MediaWiki extension is the way to represent it. As of March 2009 it's unclear if there is a compelling use case for it.