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Testing Sugar 0.102

This page contains information and resources for testing this up-coming Sugar release.

What Should I test

Even though some general testing is required to detect regressions, it is important to give special attention to the new features. Some of these features are:

  • Gender and Age in About Me control panel section.
  • Limited number of activities and instance of activities that can be opened at once.
  • Displaying icons on the Update control panel section.
  • Rework of Network control panel section.
  • Labels for Web Services control panel section.
  • Layout of Languages selection method in control panel section.
  • Filters toolbar in the Journal.
  • Notification system to display messages from system and activities. Features/Notification System
  • Sound adjustment options in the frame, to adjust microphone.
  • Identify external volumes (eg USB drives) by colors.

Testing with a XO

We have created images with the latest Sugar 0.102 sources. These builds are "clean" SugarLabs images, do not include any customization.

These images are NOT signed by OLPC, therefore you need an unsecured XO for installing these images. To save some time, you can use this tool.

Please consider that these images contains very early work, as we just entered the bug fixing period.

Known Issues


  • The font size is too big (solved). SL #4758
  • Sound adjustment in the frame is laggy and displays collaboration related errors (solved). SL #4759
  • Web activities always crash, see the mailing list thread. (solved).


  • [XO4] maliit-plugins is not updated (this issue is also present in previous images).