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Proposed Features for Sugar 0.104

Owner Complete Name Summary PR Updated
Walter merged Join Limits Honor limits to the number of buddies who can join a shared activity. [1][2] 4 Nov 2013
tch merged Optional updates Extend microformat updater to be able to mark activities as optional for automatic updates. [3] Aug 06 2014
tch merged Optional autoconnect Add a new configuration to disable adhoc autoconnect policy. [4] Apr 06 2014
tch merged Spent times Track and store the time (in seconds) spent on each activity [5] Sept 04 2014
Sam merged Features/New ASLO A full rewrite of the ASLO. look now! Sept 03 2014
Gonzalo merged Features/Text To Speech In The Toolkit Implement Text to Speech in the toolkit, to use in the activities] [6] [7] 2014-07-18

Information about older or pending features is available at Category:Feature.

Postponed Features for 0.104

Owner Complete Name Summary PR Updated
manuq 99% Start activity from another activity Provides a new way of interoperability between activities. Jan 31 2014
Gonzalo 80% Optimize TreeViews Solve a few issues we have identified to make the treeviews more responsive. Feb 24 2014
llaske 80% Cordova container Allow cordova developers to write Sugar activities [8] [9] Sept 02 2014
Walter and Native 75% Features/Bulletin Board Allow chat overlay onto activity canvas Sept 02 2014
Prasoon 75% Features/Social Help Social Help adds away for users to post questions on an open fourm for developers or other users to answer. [10] [11] Sept 03 2014
Sam 50% progress bar,urgency level and replacement Various improvements to notifications system Aug 10 2014
Walter 90% Update Favorites Add dbus service to update favorites.. 4 Nov 2013