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* Gonzalo Odiard
* Gonzalo Odiard
* Martin Abente Lahaye
* Martin Abente Lahaye
* et al.
== Translations contributors ==
* Chris Leonard
* Tymon Radzik
* Samson Goddy
* Chukwuebuka Abazie
* Christan Nnah
* et al.
* et al.

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Sucrose 0.104.0 Release Notes


Sugar 0.104 is the new STABLE version of the Sugar learning platform. It was released on February the 13th 2015. This release includes new features and bug fixes from Google Code-In and Summer of Code students, deployments and community members.

Summary of new features

  • Extended microformat updater with optional activities in automatic updates [1].
  • New dconf setting to disable adhoc autoconnect policy [2].
  • New "spent-times" entry in activities metadata [3].
  • New "New ASLO" back-end for activities updates [4].


  • New text-to-speech API in gtk3 toolkit [5].
  • Customizable groups instead of fixed ages in "About Me" section.


This is the full list of features proposed, we expect to re-evaluate unmerged proposals in the next release cycle.

New Sugar Activities since Sugar 102



How to contribute with testing

We will provide more options for testing this release soon. For now, please try it out using sugar-build.


Changes to Sugar since 0.102


Author Commit
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix EN and AGR po files from crashing sugar …
Ignacio Rodríguez Use 'retrieve' instead of 'retrive' …
Sam Parkinson Flush the busy cursor on homeview load …
Martin Abente Lahaye Use SugarExt.clipboard_set_with_data …
Ignacio Rodríguez Hide the Speech TrayIcon if GST or the espeak module isn't installed …
Gonzalo Odiard Show a wait cursor while the journal is updating - Fixes #4330
Gonzalo Odiard Show activity name in the search entry when one activity is selected …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix selection filter …
James Cameron configure.ac: fix version for 0.103.1 …
Sam Parkinson Use the bundle registry in sugar-install-bundle (when sugar is running)
Sam Parkinson Elipsize view source title to prevent toolbar overflow, fixes #4755 …
Martin Abente Lahaye Revert "Use the bundle registry in sugar-install-bundle; fixes #4722" …
Ignacio Rodríguez Show Journal accelerator in palette. …
Goutam Nair Ellipses defaulted to end of long activity titles;fixes 1429
Ezequiel Pereira Fix unicode escapes in clipboard objects …
Sam Parkinson Use the bundle registry in sugar-install-bundle; fixes #4722 …
Ignacio Rodríguez Use 'sugar' icons and no 'gnome' icons. …
Ignacio Rodríguez Remove markup for palettes. …
Sam Parkinson Change "control panel" to "My Settings"; fixes #3601
Gonzalo Odiard Remove uneeded code
Ignacio Rodríguez Add Image viewer for source view …
Ignacio Rodríguez PEP8 corrections
James Cameron Show busy on register to school server …
DakshShah Add Busy Cursor on bundle install …
Ezequiel Pereira Use busy cursor during launch
Gonzalo Odiard Revert "Using DEFAULT_ELLIPSIS_CHARACTERS constant" …
Ezequiel Pereira Using DEFAULT_ELLIPSIS_CHARACTERS constant
Sam Parkinson Fix weirdness with pressing SHIFT & ALT on the home screen - fixes #1490
Sam Parkinson Add updater option for the new ASLO …
Sam Parkinson Close dialogs along with activities - fixes #2503
Gonzalo Odiard View Help: don't use symlinks for images directory …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix age/gender flake8 issues …
Walter Bender Fix age/gender i18n …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix age/gender INTRO gender-selection and CP grade setup …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix age/gender flawed default-nick logic …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix age/gender INTRO widgets visibility …
Walter Bender Add configurable database for age/gender selection …
Sam Parkinson Fix UTC time handeling, fixes #2195 …
Sam Parkinson Include all UTC time zones …
Sam Parkinson Remove GMT time zones - they are the same as UTC …
Gonzalo Odiard Move the tts implementation to the toolkit …
Martin Abente Lahaye Make ad-hoc autoconnnect optional …
Martin Abente Lahaye Do not select optional activities in updater UI …
Martin Abente Lahaye Filter optional activities in automatic updates …
Martin Abente Lahaye Support olpc-activity-optional field in BundleUpdate …
Martin Abente Lahaye Parse olpc-activity-optional field …
James Cameron Fix extra blanks in Sugar Backup restore …
James Cameron Fix missing confirm button in Sugar Backup restore …
Martin Abente Lahaye Fix MetadataLookup signal definition …
Gonzalo Odiard ObjectChooser: preserve filter type …
Sam Parkinson Don't show 'Clear Query' when the activities preset is active
Sam Parkinson Don't let 'Clear Query' override activities preset filters

Sugar Toolkit GTK3

Author Commit
Ignacio Rodríguez Raise the palette window when its mapped …
Martin Abente Lahaye Provide access to Gtk.Clipboard.set_with_data …
Ignacio Rodríguez Log error when the espeak plugin is not installed. …
Goutam Nair Ellipses defaulted to end of long activity titles;fixes 1429
Ignacio Rodríguez Get markup text as default …
Sam Parkinson Merge branch 'fix_parsing_exception' of https://github.com/godiard/su…
Gonzalo Odiard Fix import of exception from ConfigParser …
Gonzalo Odiard Don't break if translation can't be parsed …
Sam Parkinson BundleBuilder: Don't crash on malformed translation files …
Gonzalo Odiard Add parameters to configure tts …
Gonzalo Odiard Add a structure to store the translated voice names
Gonzalo Odiard Initialize Gst before use speech …
Gonzalo Odiard TTS: Cache the voices list
Gonzalo Odiard Add a list of language names to translate …
Gonzalo Odiard Move SpeechManager from sugar to sugar-toolkit-gtk3 …
Gonzalo Odiard Add a testing method to open a activity with a uri …
Gonzalo Odiard Bundlebuilder check if activity files are in git …
Martin Abente Lahaye Save spent time on activities …

Sugar Web

Author Commit
Gonzalo Odiard Loading the activity palette template from a file break activity work… …
Gonzalo Odiard Add a method to show a alert with the Sugar style …
Gonzalo Odiard Make isStandalone() compatible with webkit1 …

Sugar Artwork

Author Commit
Ignacio Rodríguez Fix wrong styling for column-header.button …
Ezequiel Pereira Fixed Sharing Palette Highlight Bug

Sugar Docs

Author Commit
Sam Parkinson Add information about sugar-build and proxies
Lionel LASKE New release of Sugarizer don't need update of sugar-web
Soumen Ganguly Fixes a typo in activity.md
Walter Bender Added reference to gsettings and log files

Changes to Sugar Activities since 0.102

Browse 157

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Sam Parkinson Don't put toolbars over the bottom of a pdf documents
Gonzalo Odiard Pyflakes fixes …
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 fixes
Ignacio Rodríguez Add button & mechanism for export page as pdf
Gaurav Parida replace icon_size with pixel_size
James Cameron add mp3 to partial fix - SL #3933 #4465 …

Physics 25

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Sam Parkinson Add categories for the New ASLO
Walter Bender add add_badge code back into tools code since it is not yet upstream… …
Walter Bender more examples
Walter Bender remove Inkscape spam
Ignacio Rodríguez Add a gallery of samples.. Need samples..
Ignacio Rodríguez Add an ObjectChooser for physics projects.
Ignacio Rodríguez AUTOPEP8 for all code.
Walter Bender clean up icons; remove unneeded separator; bump version number
Sai Vineet Add increase/decrease execution speed
Sai Vineet pep8 all I could
Sai Vineet Add ability to move motors and pins around :)
Sai Vineet Add more achievements using the new add_badge method of toolkit
Walter Bender rename elements to eliminate name conflict on SoaS
Walter Bender fix problem with cursor when right-clicking

Read 115

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Sam Parkinson Add CBZ support to Read; fixes #4241

Write 96

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Do not show export to pdf option when abiword version == 3.0 …
Gonzalo Odiard Do not show "speak" palette when abiword is version 3.0 …
Gonzalo Odiard Save on format rtf instead of odt …

Terminal 43

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Make terminal compatible with Vte 0.38 …
Gonzalo Odiard Save font size for every tab
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 fixes
Goutam Nair Added keyboard shortcuts for tabs
DakshShah Allow change to dark-theme …
DakshShah pep8 fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Update repository information in activity.info
Sam Parkinson Remove a "/" from the help message
Sam Parkinson Remove duplicate defs in hus po file …
Gonzalo Odiard Do not save terminal content to avoid random crash - SL #4627 …

Fototoon 22

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Set max_participants = 1 in activity.info file
Gonzalo Odiard Fix remove temporary directory in video creation
Cristian Garcia Adding a button for new instaces
Gonzalo Odiard Check if self.page is created
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 fixes
Sam Parkinson Add an export as movie (ogg) feature
Sam Parkinson Add a slideshow option that uses the timings
Sam Parkinson Add a 'slideshow duration' property for comic photos
Ignacio Rodríguez Add screenshots and categories for the new ASLO

Image Viewer 61

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Remove non standard fields from activity.info file
Gonzalo Odiard Set max_participants in activity.info file
Goutam Nair Keyboard shortcuts, small fixes …
Goutam Nair Next, previous buttons to view images
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 fixes
James Cameron fix overexposed render of Record photographs …
Gonzalo Odiard Update repository information in activity.info

IRC 11

Author Enhancements/Bug Fixes
Ignacio Rodríguez Added the summary and repository fields to activity.info
trinidadg Add connect/disconnect button …
Ignacio Rodríguez Ping notifications when the window is not opened. + Audio notifications
Ignacio Rodríguez Use xo colors, and black and white for tabs …
Ignacio Rodríguez Set locale for default room in IRC
Ignacio Rodríguez Autopep8 for all code.
Gonzalo Odiard Remove unused imports
Gonzalo Odiard Use json instead of simplejson
Gonzalo Odiard Port to gtk3 …

Calculate 42

Author Enhancements
Amitjha1412 Implement select all operation when the user press Ctrl+a - Fixes #4738
Gonzalo Odiard Pyflakes fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Fix all the pending pep8 fixes
Vikram Ahuja Do not show decimal zeros if the result is an integer
Vikram Ahuja Input 2+x**y (of form a+x**y) was going to an infinite loop and thus … …
Amitjha1412 converted the files in pep8 style
Amitjha1412 added is_prime function Fixes #4812
Gonzalo Odiard Checking for first occurence of '+' and '-' just after ** in x**y fun… …
Gaurav Mishra Definition of b10bin() updated this fixes #4811
Vikram Ahuja Fac() function removed - Fixes #3531
Gaurav Mishra Fixes Raising of Errors by adding ArgumentError Class hence #4807
Vikram Ahuja Fix log10 function using base 10 algorithm - Fixes #4809

Help 19

Author Enhancements/Bug fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Merge pull request #11 from vikramahuja1001/master …
Vikram Ahuja Calculate functions added in source/calculate.rst
Gonzalo Odiard Add irc activity page to index.rst and helplink.json
DakshShah IRC Guide
Ignacio Rodríguez Save state in Help activity. …
Gonzalo Odiard Update Story page
Gonzalo Odiard Clean musickeyboard page
Gonzalo Odiard Update helplink.json with the new activities added
DakshShah Index Fixed …
DakshShah Story Help Guide Added
DakshShah Star Chart Help Guide Added
DakshShah Labyrinth Help Guide Added
DakshShah Get Books Help Guide Added
DakshShah Distance Help Guide Added
DakshShah Chart Help Guide Added
DakshShah Turtle Blocks 3D Guide improved …
DakshShah Music Keyboard Guide Improved …
DakshShah Finance Guide Improved …
Gonzalo Odiard Fix order on index.rst
Gonzalo Odiard Add stopwatch page to the index. Limit screenshot size
Cristian Garcia Adding help for StopWatch
Sai Vineet Add physics page
Gonzalo Odiard Merge pull request #3 from SAMdroid-apps/log-try2 …
Sam Parkinson Add screenshots and categories for the new ASLO
Sam Parkinson Add help for Log Activity
Gonzalo Odiard Add more information to Jukebox page
Cristian Garcia Adding help for Jukebox
Gonzalo Odiard Add Abacus & Dimensions to the index
Gonzalo Odiard Fixes to abacus page
Gonzalo Odiard Update contribution tutorial
DakshShah Help Guide for TurtleBlocks3D
DakshShah Music Keyboard Help Guide
DakshShah Finance Help Guide
DakshShah Dimensions Help Guide
DakshShah Abacus Help Guide
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 fixes
Gonzalo Odiard Don't use symlink for images dir …
Gonzalo Odiard Add localization scripts
Gonzalo Odiard Implement a custom setup.py …
Gonzalo Odiard Add Poll activity documentation

Paint 64

Author Enhancements/Bug Fix
Ignacio Rodríguez Use Kaleidoscope instead of Kalidoscope in tooltip …
Gonzalo Odiard Simplify kalidoscope code
Gonzalo Odiard Don't open stamps dialog when the tool button is pressed …
Gonzalo Odiard Set max_participants in activity.info file
Gonzalo Odiard Pyflakes fixes
Ignacio Rodríguez i5o authored on Jan 8 godiard committed on Jan 13
Gonzalo Odiard Pep8 fixes
Cristian Garcia Adding kalidoscope tool
Ignacio Rodríguez Load stamps from journal and remember it. …
Ignacio Rodríguez Add Tux Paint stamps to paint …

Pippy 64

Author Enhancements/Bug fixes
Vikram Ahuja Solved the problem of naming tabs when adding/deleting tabs
Vikram Ahuja Executing the Ctrl-w code if number of tabs is greator than 1
Sakala Venkata Krishna Rohit Fixed the problem of naming of tabs while adding new tabs
Sakala Venkata Krishna Rohit Fixed tab name changing problem
Vikram Ahuja Make Ctrl-(1-9) changes current tab to that number
Vikram Ahuja Checking if number of tab is 1 when Ctrl+w is pressed and then hide c… …
Goutam Nair Ctrl+Shift+Tab on first tab goes to the last
Goutam Nair Ctrl+Tab on last tab changes to first tab
Sai Vineet A bit of pep8
Sai Vineet Add copyright notice
Sai Vineet Hide close button if only one tab is present
Sai Vineet Add font size +/-
Walter Bender corrections suggested by Jean THIERY
Rafael Cordano Updated thanks example

Turtle Blocks 209

Author Enhancements/Bug fixes
Ignacio Rodriguez Add macro for index block
Cristian Gracia new sample project
Ignacio Rodríguez add dbus to default imports
Ignacio Rodríguez Fix alert msg
Ignacio Rodríguez Use alert instead popup
Ignacio Rodríguez Dont export if not start block
Walter Bender Set default values for index block to something that works
Ignacio Rodríguez AUTOPEP8 for all TurtleArt code.
Walter Bender use tb and don't save turtle
Ignacio Rodríguez A graphics sample
Ignacio Rodríguez Index block. Works like python: Text[start:end]
Daniel Francis thumbnail for new project
Fred Lopesy update to Brazilian PT
Walter Bender remove redundant turtle updates
Walter Bender use box instead of box1
Alan Aguiar reuse palettes when running make_palette
Alan Aguiar Using existing power management from utils library
Walter Bender suppress power management error messages
Walter Bender inhibit suspend if camera block is in use
Walter Bender add white circle in the center
Walter Bender fix regressions in paste and save-as-svg
Walter Bender save/restore private block data
Walter Bender new sample project: pinwheel
Walter Bender don't use coordinate scale on media blocks
Alan Aguiar fix to SL#4788; add export to SVG to GNOME menu
Walter Bender fix bug in rendering of if-then-else block
Walter Bender fix some issues with label placement
Walter Bender fix problem with color compare
Walter Bender resize 3arg blocks on load
Walter Bender catching one more corner case in autosave logic
Walter Bender fixed bug with autosave
Walter Bender add turtle window to before and after methods
Walter Bender add a private attribute to block class
Walter Bender rescale mouse coordinates
Walter Bender rescale constants when rescaling coordinates


Many people contributed to this release indirectly, including testing, documentation, translation, contributing to the Wiki, outreach to education distributions, packaging, and developer communities. On behalf of the community, we give our warmest thanks to the developers and contributors who made this Sugar release possible.

Patches contributors

  • Sam Parkinson
  • Ignacio Rodríguez
  • Ezequiel Pereira Lopez
  • Daksh Shah
  • Goutam
  • James Cameron
  • Walter Bender
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Martin Abente Lahaye
  • et al.

Translations contributors

  • Chris Leonard
  • Tymon Radzik
  • Samson Goddy
  • Chukwuebuka Abazie
  • Christan Nnah
  • et al.
Please note
Well over 50% of the patches to Sugar Activities came from youths in the Sugar community. Just under 50% of the patches to Sugar core libraries came from youths in the Sugar community.

We want to especially thank

  • the Infrastructure team which does all this great work in the background without which the development would not be possible at all,
  • the deployments that provide the development team with feedback from the field,
  • the Design team which guided the design of features with UI changes or impact on the workflow,
  • the Translation team which makes sure that Sugar is enjoyable in the local languages of our users,
  • the developers that submit patches for new features and bug fixes and do review other's patches,
  • the maintainers that make sure their code is shippable and which provide packagers with new tarballs,
  • the packagers which provide distributions with new Sugar packages,
  • the SoaS team for providing a Sugar version to test with during the development cycle,
  • the testers for finding the small and bigger issues,
  • the release team and Development team for coordinating those efforts.

This time, Martin Abente Lahaye took the responsibility of manage the release.