0.108/Feature List

Owner Complete Name Summary Feature Page PRs Updated
Sam Replace GtkMenu Replace the use of GtkMenu in palettes in the Sugar code Features/Replace GtkMenu
Tch 100% Trigger Bundle Add Let external scripts explicitly tell the registry to add a bundle Features/Trigger Bundle Add 584
Gonzalo 100% Publish Sugar Version Publish an env variable to allow activities to know what Sugar version is running Features/Publish Sugar Version
Tch 100% Fix bundle install issues Activity bundle directories are now touched as a signal for installation by the BundleRegistry Features/Trigger Bundle Add 584 31 Oct
Sam 5% 'Fix' collaboration Migrate collaboration to telepathy text channels, add abstractions, port activities Features/Fixing_Collab_(Tubes) Several 23 Dec
Code by: Ezequiel Pereira (GCI 2015)
100% Change home view name Improve existing multiple home views feature to allow customisation of home view name Features/Change home view name 623 624 21 Dec

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