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Sucrose 0.108.0 Release Notes


Sugar 0.108.0 is a new stable release of the Sugar Learning Platform. It was released on February 13th 2016.

What is new?

  • Collaboration works on newer systems (e.g. Fedora 23) with activities that do not use Tubes (e.g. Chat).
  • The search box in home view grabs focus automatically.
  • Changing the Frame settings in the control panel no longer requires to restart Sugar.
  • Added new keyboard controls to access and navigate the control panel.
  • The control panel can display the serial number for commodity hardware.
  • Multiple bundles can be installed at once using good old sugar-install-bundle script.
  • The shell now claims file transfer channels so Empathy won't interfere anymore.
  • Custom Home views names can be changed now.
  • Neighborhood icons are no longer placed randomly.
  • Sugar can now start even when the disk is full.
  • More fixes for the Sugar theme.
  • Many bug fixes.

Community members have contributed with complete translations for Aymara, Catalan, Polish, Igbo, and Spanish.

What is new for developers?

  • A new SUGAR_VERSION environment variable is available to activities developers.
  • There is more documentation for our gtk3 toolkit.


How to contribute with testing?

Please visit our testing section to see all the alternatives to test this new release.


Patches contributors

  • James Cameron
  • Sam Parkinson
  • Ezequiel Pereira
  • Martin Abente Lahaye
  • Gonzalo Odiard
  • Ignacio Rodríguez
  • Batchu Venkat Vishal
  • Jonas Smedegaard
  • Frederick Grose
  • Julio Reyes
  • Nick DeFilippis
  • et al.

Special thanks to all of our Google Code-In students for their contributions over the past months.

Translations contributors

  • Edgar Quispe Chambi
  • Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch
  • Tymon Radzik
  • Chihurumnaya Ibiam
  • Martin Abente Lahaye
  • et al.

We want to especially thank

  • the Infrastructure team which does all this great work in the background without which the development would not be possible at all,
  • the deployments that provide the development team with feedback from the field,
  • the Design team which guided the design of features with UI changes or impact on the workflow,
  • the Translation team which makes sure that Sugar is enjoyable in the local languages of our users,
  • the developers that submit patches for new features and bug fixes and do review other's patches,
  • the maintainers that make sure their code is shippable and which provide packagers with new tarballs,
  • the packagers which provide distributions with new Sugar packages,
  • the SoaS, Toast and Debian team for providing a Sugar version to test with during the development cycle,
  • the testers for finding the small and bigger issues,
  • the release team and Development team for coordinating those efforts.

This time, Martin Abente Lahaye took the responsibility of managing the release.