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Sugar platform release version cycle: | 0.82 | 0.84 | 0.86 | 0.88 | 0.90 | 0.92 | 0.94 | 0.96 | 0.98 | 0.100 | 0.102 | 0.104 | 0.106 | 0.108 | 0.110 | 0.112 |

Sugar 0.111 was an unstable development release intended for testing and development purposes. Sugar uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development status, so an unstable 0.111 did finally become the 0.112 stable release.


  • Merge GCI student features and bug fixes.
  • Merge and test patches for bug fixes.


Date Task Comments
12th September 2017 Sugar 0.111 unstable tarballs & release Initial release.
9th October 2017 Sugar 0.112 stable tarballs & release Final release.


Date Freeze
13th September 2017 Feature
18th September 2017 String, UI, API
2nd October 2017 Code

Please test, and report problems on sugar-devel@ mailing list, github.com/sugarlabs/sugar issues, bugs.sugarlabs.org, or the discussion page here.

To date there has been little independent testing of Sugar 0.112.

What should I test?

How to test?

Use the GNU standard autogen, configure, make, and make install steps.

Or, use the Sugar Live Build dated 20171009 with Sugar 0.112;

  • can be booted from hard drive, flash drive, and optical media, automatically starting Sugar without persistence,
  • can be installed as a virtual machine, with persistence and password protection,
  • contains a special libabiword-3.0 to fix a flickering Write activity (#4915), thanks to Simon Quigley (Ubuntu #1574278)
  • is based on the Debian 9 Stretch Live Build, but does not contain EFI Secure Boot support or encumbered firmware,
  • for developers, contains all build dependencies, configured source trees (git clones in /usr/src), and binaries (make install) for the Sugar 0.112 Sucrose modules and the Fructose activity set, making it easy to use for GCI or GSoC tasks.

See http://people.sugarlabs.org/~quozl/sugar-live-build-20171009/


Debian have packaged Sugar 0.112 for the Buster release. Check the Debian Source Package sugar.


We are waiting for Debian to package Sugar 0.112, then it will be available in Ubuntu. Check the Ubuntu Source Package sugar.


Fedora has packaged Sugar 0.112 for Fedora 28. Check the Fedora build system.


OLPC packages Sugar for OLPC laptops. People with OLPC laptops can test Sugar 0.112 now.

The OLPC Sugar packages contain extra commits:

  • remove frame animation, and transition box, as they are too slow for OLPC XO, but the changes were not accepted upstream,
  • manufacturing support (About my computer; CPU, disk, memory and wireless firmware specifications).

This makes the OLPC Sugar packages an incomplete test of Sugar 0.112, but sufficiently close to be useful to the community.

Ubuntu 16.04 on OLPC NL3

For OLPC NL3 laptops, using Ubuntu 16.04, use the OLPC packages, like this:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo service lightdm restart

Fedora 18 on OLPC XO

For OLPC XO laptops, install OLPC OS 13.2.9.

Or, for older versions of OLPC OS in the 13.2.x range, update only the Sugar packages to 0.112.olpc.x, like this:

sudo yum update sugar*
sudo service olpc-dm restart

  • Features/Save-As, an optional feature to have learners set a name for a journal entry when an activity is stopped.

Sugar 0.112 is a new stable release of the Sugar Learning Platform. It was released on 9th October 2017.

What is new?

  • Updated translations,
  • New Save-As feature which can be enabled in GSettings by deployments who wish to enforce journal entry naming,
  • Shut down automatically before battery is fully dead,
  • Remove an activity from the frame entirely when it is stopped, even if it does not stop properly,
  • Make sure the journal entry chooser appears in front of the running activity, without needing alt+tab,
  • Make sure the radio off button works every time it is used,
  • Better support for external displays on a laptop or desktop computer.

What is new in activities?

  • Browse-157.4 and Browse-201.2; add bookmarks for a PDF page, improve autocomplete list, open bookmarks in new tab, drag to tab + button to open new tab, show progress of downloads, update license, add ctrl+c and ctrl+v shortcuts, avoid conflict with Save-As feature, and fix busy cursor,
  • Calculate-44; remove insignificant zeros in result, fix missing sign of result less than zero #4936, and block redefinition of constants #2698,
  • Chat-84; no user level changes,
  • Log-38; use busy cursor,
  • ImageViewer-63; new icons for rotation, fix file transfer when collaborating,
  • Jukebox-33; use new toolbar, and add reordering of playlist #4484,
  • Pippy-71.1; clear button only clears terminal from canvas instead of deleting source code, new examples, copy and paste text from terminal, load examples in new tab, fix save as library, improve pong example playability, and fix missing icons,
  • Read-119; sadly remove EPUB support because it depends on an old WebKit 3.0 API,
  • Terminal-45.1; fix a version check #4987, add ctrl+shift+i shortcut for black on white, keep font size and black on white, and fix missing close button,
  • TurtleBlocks-216; export blocks as image, a URI handler, adapter colour block, many fixes, and a port to GStreamer 1.0 and GTK+ 3.0,
  • Write-98.3; fix crash on startup, make undo and redo buttons work once more,

What is new for developers?

  • Updated README for installing for developing with Sugar and Sugar Toolkit,
  • New busy cursor methods for activities, see busy(),
  • New Gtk.Entry option for Alert, see add_entry(),
  • Accept ~ as a version separator in activities, see bundleversion,
  • Better background for image box in View Source,
  • Updated documentation for Sugar Toolkit API, see sugar3,
  • Predictable POT file ordering,
  • Several warnings removed from logs.


How to test?

Please visit our testing section to see all the alternatives to test this new release.


Patch contributors

For Sugar and Toolkit; Besnik Bleta, Chris Leonard, Eduard Sanou, Ezequiel Pereira, Gonzalo Odiard, György Balló, Hrishi Patel, Ignacio Rodríguez, Manash Raja, Sam Parkinson, Sanchit Kapoor, Utkarsh Tiwari,

For Activities in the release:

  • Browse; György Balló, James Cameron, Gonzalo Odiard, Ignacio Rodríguez, and Utkarsh Tiwari,
  • Calculate; György Balló, Aneesh Dogra, Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch, Ezequiel Pereira Lopez, nguyenla, Gonzalo Odiard, and Tymon Radzik,
  • Chat; Walter Bender,
  • ImageViewer; James Cameron, Sam Parkinson, and Ignacio Rodríguez,
  • Jukebox; James Cameron, Gonzalo Odiard, and Sai Vineet,
  • Log; James Cameron, and Robert Antoni Buj Gelonch,
  • Pippy; György Balló, Walter Bender, James Cameron, Cristian García, Abhijit Patel, and Sebastian Silva,
  • Read; Walter Bender and James Cameron,
  • Terminal; James Cameron,
  • TurtleBlocks; Alan Aguiar, Walter Bender, Zeeshan Khan, and Sebastian Silva,
  • Write; Walter Bender and Gonzalo Odiard,

Also thanks to contributors for activities not included in the release.

Special thanks to our Google Code-In and Google Summer of Code students for their contributions over the past year.

Translations contributors

  • Alan Aguiar, Anatoly Konstantinov, Anders Jonsson, Anna Leonteva, Ben_Fox, Besnik_b, BikramDhoju, Blondel Mondésir, Bo Put, Carlo Falciola, Chris Leonard, EdgarQuispeChambi, Elias Secchi, François Jarriges, GeeKrypter, German Ruíz, Gonzalo Odiard, Ifeanyi Ekperi, Ignacio Rodríguez, Jasmine Mkrtchian, Lawrence Aberba, Liang Jason, Luiz Gustavo Turatti, Manas, Mariana Dias, Markus Schlager, Martin Abente Lahaye, MartínOesterreich, Mirzet Omerović, Mohomodou Houssouba, Moo, Nerguin Bulgantamir, Nurendra Choudhary, OdettePretorius, Olot Agwanta Alfred John, Pinkbluesoul, Robert Buj, Roger Gonzalo, Rosemary Pioc Tenazoa, Samson Goddy, Soori, Sora Edwards-Thro, Sveinn í Felli, Tharangi, Tymon Radzik, Volker Ribbert, Yaron Shahrabani, Yuan CHAO, anderson861, andika, andretna, any anonymous user, belkacem77, buddhi.raj, bzg, cblinks, chanchumgpa, chimosky, christian nnah, dark159123, dbekele, denish, erilyth, fardin, hrishi1999, iamutkarshtiwari, icarito, jana, johannrichard, juanpabl, kara, khaled, krhome, lxlalexlxl, makba2, mbouzada, nadaa, naruth1212, pbo, rabikarma, sachi-d, sandraelazar, sara, saravpaz, sujiniku, thangamaniarun, thuyn, traductor_aymara, tsega, unkuiri, whe, yurchor, and yusuf.

We want to especially thank

  • the Infrastructure team which does all this great work in the background without which the development would not be possible at all,
  • the deployments that provide the development team with feedback from the field,
  • the Design team which guided the design of features with UI changes or impact on the workflow,
  • the Translation team which makes sure that Sugar is enjoyable in the local languages of our users,
  • the developers that submit patches for new features and bug fixes and do review other's patches,
  • the maintainers that make sure their code is shippable and which provide packagers with new tarballs,
  • the packagers which provide distributions with new Sugar packages,
  • the SoaS, Toast and Debian team for providing a Sugar version to test with during the development cycle,
  • the testers for finding the small and bigger issues,
  • the release team and Development team for coordinating those efforts.

This time, James Cameron took the responsibility of managing the release.