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Sucrose 0.83.2 Release Notes


This is our second Development Release in the 0.84 cycle.


When you upgrade a computer running an earlier version,

  • The old datastore will be updated to the new format.
  • Your old profile (in .sugar/default/config) will be imported into GConf

If you later downgrade from Sucrose 0.83.x to an earlier version,

  • The datastore is incompatible
  • You will be prompted to enter all your profile settings like you are on first boot

Most of the activities in Sucrose 0.83.x should be compatible with Sucrose 0.82 , the version shipped with OLPC Release 8.2.0. An exception is Browse, which depends on new versions of XULRunner and Hulahop. Read likewise may soon depend on a new version of Evince

Glucose modules

Glucose news


  • Fixed misformed plural equation (russian po)
  • Add view-source-related methods HandleViewSource and GetDocumentPath


  • fix uninstalling activities from the home view
  • Make sugar control panel support selection of multiple languages d.l.o
  • ##8876 add saving and loading of the nm connections and support for WPA
  • Implement a global handler for the view source key
  • Initial implementation of activity notifications
  • d.s.o #9 wireless network frame device.
  • #8876 Make sugar control panel support selection of multiple languages
  • d.s.o #7 update Icon in the AP palette
  • #8131 Control Panel needs to list wireless firmware version

Fructose modules

Fructose news


  • Sugar API update: Use self.shared_activity not self._shared_activity
  • Updated translation: ja
  • Remove timeout hack for object picker


Return the document source to the shell for displaying in the view source dialog. This is used by the new source view code to display the document source.

Fructose dependencies

Fructose dependencies news


  • Remove flags which are breaking the build on latest libtool
  • Add AC_PROG_CXXhulahop 0.48