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0.86/Platform Components

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The Sugar Platform Stack is a set of versioned components on which activity authors can rely when targeting their activities to run on a particular Sugar version.

Activity authors can expect to find the following components in a system running Sugar 0.86:

Name Minimum version API docs Notes
Python 2.5
Gtk+ 2.16 Should we split this in glib, gobject, gio, etc?
GStreamer 0.10.14
Telepathy 0.7.25
Evince 2.26 Should we split this in libevview and libevdocument?
Abiword 2.6
Etoys 4.0.2332
PyGObject 2.16 API link outdated
PyGTK 2.14 API link outdated
dbus 1.1x
squeak-vm 3.10-4
gst-plugins-base 0.10.15
gst-plugins-good 0.10.6
gst-plugins-espeak 0.3
espeak 1.40.02
numpy 1.0.3
pygame 1.7.1
olpcsound / csound / csound-python 5.08
libxml2-python 2.6.30
libffi 3.0.5
xulrunner 1.9.1
vte Including Python bindings