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Some introductory words what the activity is like. Any special things you like to mention that happened during the release cycle etc

What is new for users

What are the user visible changes. New short cuts. Features. Nice to back this up with images.

What is new for developers

What might be interesting to know for a developer contributing to the component. Add 'No News' if there is nothing of interest.

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)

Will be generated by the translation team


Note here if some compatibility to an older version (e.g. 0.84) broke

Detailed changes


  • Features/New Toolbar Design - Added new ToolbarBox and ToolbarButton widget
  • make the unfullscreen go away after a timeout #1102
  • update mime type db when a new activity is copied to ~/Activities #955
  • md5 and sha module will be deprecated in python 2.6 #266


Name the contributors here