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Proposed Features for 0.96

These features have been proposed for the Sugar 0.96 Release cycle and await approval.

Owner Name Summary
Gonzalo Odiard Global Text to Speech When the user press Alt+Shift+S the currently selected text should be said by the computer.
Walter Bender Features/Write_to_journal_anytime Replacement for the Naming Alert that lets you write to the Journal at any time while working on an activity.
Gonzalo Odiard Features/Journal_data_tagged_private_or_public Provide a way to identify Journal entries as private for the owner or public.
Walter Bender Features/Multiple_home_views Option to have different collections of activities on the Home View for formal (classroom) and informal (home) use.
Walter Bender Features/Thumbs_View_in_Journal Thumbs view plugin for Journal.
Walter Bender Features/Background_image_on_home_view Add the ability to set a background image to the Home View.
Walter Bender Features/Journal_Volume_Toolbar_enhancement The VolumesToolbar class in volumetoolbar.py should be extended so that Sugar activities can "mount" directories containing example projects, e.g., the samples subdirectory in Turtle Art. Thus samples will be available through the Sugar Chooser rather than having to use the GNOME file chooser.
Walter Bender Features/Activity_specific_metadata_in_Journal The idea is to record metadata related to the use of an activity and display it in the detail view of the Journal.

Accepted Features for 0.96

These features have been accepted by the Release Manager for the Sugar 0.96 Release.

Owner Complete Name Summary Updated
Gonzalo Odiard 0% Evince Introspection Bindings The pygtk bindings used until F14 to use the evince backend in Read activity, are no longer present in F16. We need use the new gi based bindings. 1-Nov-2011
Manuel Quiñones 0% Port Browse to use WebKit through introspection Browse and related components are switching to WebKit as its back-end technology provider. 1-Nov-2011
Simon Schampijer 0% GTK3 Sugar needs to rebase itself on new generations of its key underlying technologies: GTK+ 3 and PyGObject Introspection. 1-Nov-2011

Feature Process

  • The process for adding, proposing, and accepting new features into Sugar is on the Features/Policy page.
  • The deadline for proposing and completing new features is the Feature Freeze on the 0.96/Roadmap
  • Feature pages in process but not targeted for a particular release can be found in Category:Feature Page Incomplete