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Sucrose 0.96 Release Notes


Sugar 0.96 is the new version of the Sugar learning platform. It was released the 30th of April 2012 (see 0.96/Roadmap#Schedule for details).

The main changes in this cycle was the introduction of the new sugar-toolkit-gtk3 which is the sugar-toolkit ported to use GTK+ 3 and Pygobject3. Currently Browse, Read, the HellowWorld activity and Abacus have been ported to the new toolkit.

0.96 Read.png

The Read activity has been ported to use the new toolkit.

0.96 browse.png

Besides moving to the new toolkit Browse and related components have been switching to WebKit as its back-end technology.

What is new for users

Write to Journal anytime

0.96 Description.png

0.96 Description journal.png

This Feature has a long history and many thinking has been going into this for a few cycles. You can now edit the description of your current activity session from within the activity. The main goal is to be able to take notes within the activity context while the activity is still running. To take notes you can reveal the description palette from a button in the activity subtoolbar, it is the same description field that is used in the Journal detail section. You can edit the description in both places, as well from within the detail view while the activity is still running, the description will be updated accordingly.

The naming alert that prompted the learner for taking notes about the activity session when closing the activity has been removed.

Thanks to everyone involved in this great feature, the design team and especially to Walter Bender for his constant effort over several release cycles to make this happen.

Global Text to Speech

0.96 Text-to-speech.png

The global text to speech feature gives the learner the ability to let Sugar speak out any selected text in the user interface. It can be accessed by the speech frame device which has the start/pause and stop controls. There are options in this palette to adjust the pitch and rate as well which are restored over boots. For power users the "alt+shift+s" shortcut has been added to control the speak-back.

Thanks to Gonzalo Odiard for bringing this great Feature to us.

What's new for developers

The following changes are important for developers using the Sucrose 0.96 developer platform:



The Keep button has been removed completely from the API later; please adjust existing activities accordingly.

Activity Authors guidelines

no guidelines as of today

What's new for packagers

  • Sugar (the shell package) does depend on NetworkManager 0.9

Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n)


There a no known compatibility issues, as of today.

Getting the sources

If you want to package Sugar for your favorite distribution or just want to examine Sugar's lovely code here are the released bundles. If you are interested in the full changelog you can use the Sugar git repositories.

Glucose modules

Fructose modules

How to contribute with testing

Sugar 0.96 has been released. We are still stabilizing the areas that have seen major changes like the new stugar-toolkit-gtk3 the new GTK+ 3 Sugar theme and the Browse activity that has been ported to use Webkit. It is very important to get feedback from and that you report the bugs you find. The order of stability depends among other things as well on you.

If you find bugs please report them into the Sugar Labs bug tracker indicating the 0.96.x version in the ticket version field. If you have hardware from OLPC you can use the 12.1.0 builds for the i686 architecture (XO 1 and XO 1.5) and the ARM architecture (XO 1.75). Those builds include the latest Sugar 0.96.x. Hardware specific bugs especially with the new 1.75 hardware please report at the OLPC bug tracker. The current development version is as well available in Fedora 17 and sugar-jhbuild (sugar* master branches).

Looking forward to 0.98

In the 0.98 development cycle the porting of the Shell to GTK+ 3 and pygobject3 is a major task. Furthermore the remaining bugs in the new sugar-toolkit-gtk3 should be fixed. We encourage activity developers to port their activity to the new toolkit and GTK+ 3 and pygobject3.