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This page is a draft!

Sucrose Development

Sucrose 0.95.x is an unstable development series intended for testing and development purposes. Sucrose uses odd minor version numbers to indicate development status, so this unstable 0.95.x series will finally become the 0.96 stable release.


The Sugar 0.95.x schedule is based on the GNOME 3.3.x development cycle. One reason is that Sugar is based on the GNOME stack. Another reason is that GNOME makes sure that their release will be able to be shipped by the major distributions.

Tarball Monday: The tarballs for the modules are always due on Mondays.

Release Wednesday: The releases during the cycle will happen on Wednesdays.

Current freezes in place for the 0.95 development release.

Freeze Status Full Freeze Starting on...
API/ABI Open 15 Aug 2011
Feature Open 15 Aug 2011
UI Open 22 Aug 2011
String Open 05 Sep 2011
Code Open 19 Sep 2011

Full schedule leading to the 0.94 stable release.

Date Task Notes
Apr 04 2011 Sucrose 0.92.0 Stable tarballs due
Apr 06 Sucrose 0.92.0 Stable Release
Oct 18 Sucrose 0.91.x Unstable tarballs due
Oct 20 Sucrose 0.91.x Unstable Release
Jul 04 Sucrose 0.93.0 Unstable tarballs due
Jul 06 Sucrose 0.93.0 Unstable Release
Aug 01 Sucrose 0.93.1 Unstable tarballs due Feature Acceptance: Acceptance of the features following the Features/Policy.
Aug 03 Sucrose 0.93.1 Unstable Release
Aug 15 Sucrose 0.93.2 Unstable tarballs due Feature Freeze and API/ABI Freeze for 0.87.x Developer APIs should be frozen at this point.
Aug 17 Sucrose 0.93.2
Aug 22 Sucrose 0.93.3 Unstable tarballs due UI Freeze No UI changes may be made without approval from the release-team
Aug 24 Sucrose 0.93.3 Unstable release
Sep 05 Sucrose 0.93.4 beta tarballs due String Freeze No string changes may be made without confirmation from the localization team and notification to the release team
Sep 07 Sucrose 0.93.4 beta release
Sep 19 Sucrose 0.93.5 rc tarballs due Hard code freeze starts. No source code changes can be made without approval from the release-team. Translation and documentation can continue.
Sep 21 Sucrose 0.93.5 rc release
Sep 26 Sucrose 0.94 Newstable tarballs due Hard code freeze ends, but other freezes remain in effect for the stable branch.
Sep 28 Sucrose 0.94 Newstable Release Final Release!
Oct 17 Sucrose 0.94.1 Bugfix Release tarballs due
Oct 19 Sucrose 0.94.1 Bugfix Release

Other schedules of interest

Glucose Development Team/Release/Modules

Fructose Development Team/Release/Modules

Glucose Dependencies

Fructose Dependencies

  • pyabiword
  • hulahop