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Proposed Features for 0.98

These features have been accepted by the Release Manager for the Sugar 0.96 Release.

Owner Complete Name Summary Updated
Simon Schampijer 30% Touch support Add touch support to Sugar 21-Aug-2012
Manuel Quiñones, Simon Schampijer 60% Shell port GTK+ 3 Port the Sugar shell to Pygobject3 and GTK+ 3 21-Aug-2012

Deferred Features from 0.96

These features have been proposed for the Sugar 0.96 Release cycle and await approval.

Owner Name Summary
Gonzalo Odiard Multi-selection Enable operation on multiple selected entries in the Journal.
Simon Schampijer Transfer to many This Feature will allow to transfer a Journal item to more than one person at the same time.
Simon Schampijer Can share This feature will make it clearer if an activity can collaborate or not.
Simon Schampijer Display Device A frame device to control the display. The idea is to add their an option to change the brightness and to take a screenshot. Both actions are only available via the keyboard as of today.
Walter Bender Activity specific metadata in Journal The idea is to record metadata related to the use of an activity and display it in the detail view of the Journal. (reasoning for deferring)
Sascha Silbe, Anish Mangal, Aleksey Lim Proxy configuration To add a section in the Control Panel that allows the user to configure network proxy settings.