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== About AEIOU ==
== AEIOU ==
Read at https://help.sugarlabs.org/aeiou.html
AEIOU is an activity for introducing the Spanish vowels. It displays letters and images and associated sound files, such as 'A as in ave'. There are four modes:
The source file has been moved to [https://github.com/godiard/help-activity/blob/master/source/aeiou.rst GitHub]
# click on the letter to hear its name
# click on the picture to hear the name of the first letter in the word represented by the picture
# hear a letter name, then click on the corresponding letter
# hear a letter name, then click on the corresponding picture
(Also see [[Activities/Icanread|I Can Read]], [[Activities/IKnowMyABCs|I Know My ABCs]], and [[Activities/LetterMatch|Letter Match]])
== Where to get AEIOU ==
TheAEIOU activity is available for download from the [http://activities.sugarlabs.org Sugar Activity Library]: [http://activities.sugarlabs.org/en-US/sugar/addon/4626 AEIOU]
The source code is available on [http://git.sugarlabs.org/aeiou the Sugar Labs Gitorious server].
== Using AEIOU ==
File:AEIOU.png|letter game
File:AEIOU2.png|picture game
=== Toolbars ===
;Activity toolbar: change the activity name; add notes to the Sugar Journal
;Letter mode:listen to letter names
;Picture mode:listen to letter names associated with pictures
;Find the letter 1:hear a letter spoken and then find it
;Find the letter 2:hear a word spoken and then find the first letter
;Stop button:exit the activity
== Learning with AEIOU ==
While far from contructionist, this activity does provide a mechanism for learning the alphabet.
== Modifying AEIOU ==
As of Version 1, only a Spanish version is included. In order to add other languages, we need:
* audio recordings of the letter names
* audio recordings of the picture names
* perhaps additional pictures, in order ensure there is a picture for each letter of the alphabet
There is a language-specific database file maintained in ./lessons/??/alphabet.csv where ?? is the 2-digit language code. The format of the CSV file is:
{| border=1 cellpadding=3 style="border: 1px solid white; border-collapse: collapse; background: #e3e4e5;"
|-style="background:#787878; color: white;"
! letter !! word !! color (#RRGGBB)!! image file !! sound file (image) !! sound file (letter)
|R || (r)atón || #F08020 || raton.png || raton.ogg || r.ogg
== Extending AEIOU ==
It would, of course, be fun to let the learner add their own pictures and sound recordings.
== Where to report problems ==
You are welcome to leave comments/suggestions on the [[Talk:Activities/AEIOU]] page.
== Credits ==
AEIOU was written and is maintained by [[User:Walter]]. He was inspired in part by the work of Maria Perez, Fundación Zamora Terán

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Read at https://help.sugarlabs.org/aeiou.html

The source file has been moved to GitHub