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Collaboration Activity

The main objective of this activity is provide a simple way to share Journal objects from one to many users, and collect the work of all this users.

The use case is a teacher share some journal items, all the kids in the classroom download them, do some work, and later upload to the teacher xo the work they did.

Should be useful to the teacher see who already downloaded the files.

We can implement 3 way to select the items to share, and the teacher can select the way to use:

  • Share all the favorite items in the journal. This option is similar to Portfolio activity, then can be the easiest to explain.
  • Select one by one the items to share with a ObjectChooser.
  • Select items by tag. While tags are not very used, can provide more flexibility to the teacher, and avoid need select/unselect as favorites items for every case.

When the kids upload items to the teacher xo, the items should be marked according to the selection done, to be easily found in the journal.

Later, we can add the possibility of add comments to the shared items, in line with the web services work proposed for sugar.

Actual Implementation (JournalShare 2)

Right now all the UI is a webkit view and the server is a web server. The client use a html page and javascript to request the data needed as json, and format it as needed.

The activity starts the server only when is not joining another xo, if joining connect to the webserver through a

Why use this? Can be a solution easily portable to android or to a school server.


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