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Keyboard shortcuts

  • ESCAPE deselects thought, stops editing current text though
  • CTRL-A select all thoughts
  • Hold shift and click thoughts to make multiple selections
  • CTRL-E for Edit mode (bounding box selections, and allows editing of existing thoughts)
  • CTRL-T for text thought mode (click canvas, or click and drag, to add new thoughts)
  • CTRL-D for drawing mode (click canvas, or click and drag, then draw inside thought boundary)
  • When in drawing mode, hold SHIFT and draw to erase
  • CTRL-I for image add mode (click canvas, or click and drag, use Journal object picker to select image)
  • CTRL-L to link two or more selected thoughts
  • ERASE to erase one or more selected thoughts
  • CTRL-I to zoom in
  • CTRL-O to zoom out
  • ALT-enter to toggle full screen
  • CTRL-Q or ALT-escape to stop the activity

Mouse/Trackpad shortcuts

  • Single click left button to select a thought (typing will append to the thought text)
  • Double click left button to select a thought and begin editing the text content (all thought text starts selected)
  • Hold 'hand' key and use left button to drag the canvas to pan/scroll
  • Use right button to drag individual thoughts