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Go to Pilas Activity page in Spanish.

This is to bring the game development engine -engine batteries Sugar, adapting to the needs of this platform and adding elements to your learning curve.

We seek to facilitate teaching tool for Python and game development.

This project was developed during the 2011 Sugar Junin Day Links to the project

   * Actividad .xo [1] Activity. X [1]
   * Código [2] Code [2]
   * Issues tracker [3] Issues tracker [3]
   * Nombre del branch ' pilasqt . Name of branch 'pilasqt. Comando para tomar el branch : Command to take the branch: 

hg clone hg clone https://hugoruscitti @ / hugoruscitti / batteries

cd pilas/ cd batteries /

hg update pilasqt hg update pilasqt


What's done:

   * Empaquetado el pilas-engine [4] para correr sobre Sugar. Packaging the battery-engine [4] to run on Sugar.
   * Incorporación de librerías PyQt [5] a actividad Incorporation of PyQt libraries [5] to activity
   * Incorporación de widget de ninja-ide [6] , para tener intérprete interactivo en la misma pantalla. Adding widget ninja-ide [6] , to have interactive shell on the same screen.
   * Generación de archivo de dependencias necesarias para el proyecto con PyInstaller [7] Generation of file dependencies needed for the project with PyInstaller [7]
   * Creación de actividad pilas.xo Creating pilas.xo activity 

To-do immediately:

   * Bug: resize widgets Bug: resize widgets
   * Bug: set focus Bug: set focus
   * Documentación de cómo se empaqueta actividad con Qt [8] para Sugar Documentation of how it is packaged with Qt activity [8] for Sugar
   * definir user guidelines y hacer mockups define user guidelines and make mockups
         o ejemplos tipo pippy [9] pippy typical examples [9]
         o tabs de intérprete y editor de código tabs interpreter and code editor
         o opción para correr en recuadro o fullscreen option to run in fullscreen box or
         o lista de actores de pilas y comportamiento list of actors batteries and behavior
         o pestaña de ayuda help tab
         o opciones de persistencia persistence options 
   * Documentar ejemplos / guía de inicio Document examples / startup guide 

Future Work

Hay que convertir esto en un roadmap... We must turn this into a roadmap ...

To-do: To-do:

   * Recortar lista de dependencias creada con PyInstaller, que solo incluya lo que hace falta Trim list of dependencies created PyInstaller, that includes only what is needed
   * Incorporar autocomplete e inline help de ninja-ide Incorporating inline autocomplete and help of ninja-ide
   * Utilizar dbus [10] para comunicar widgets del menú con los otros Use dbus [10] to communicate around the menu with the other
   * Incorporar persistencia de Sugar [o distintas opciones de persistencia del código que se desarrolle] Incorporate Sugar persistence [persistence options or code to be developed]
   * Integrar código de pilas-engine [11] y pilas.xo Embed code for battery-engine [11] and pilas.xo 

Wish list

   * Refactoring para PyCairo [12] Refactoring to PyCairo [12]
   * Incorporar posibilidad de compartir actividad de Sugar Incorporate activity sharing Sugar
   * Agregar opciones interactivas sobre los objetos (tipo eToys [13] ) Add interactive features on objects (eToys type [13] )