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Record developers' page


Record is the basic rich-media capture activity for the laptop. It lets you capture still images, video, and/or audio. It has a simple interface and works in both laptop and ebook mode. An interface for sharing pictures among multi XOs during a picture-taking session is a hallmark of the Record activity.


Environment variables

  • GST_DEBUG enable gstreamer logging
    • 0 NONE
    • 1 ERROR
    • 2 WARNING
    • 3 INFO
    • 4 DEBUG
    • 5 LOG

Using Record with external cameras

If the camera is recognized, a device /dev/video1 will be created. You may need check using Terminal. The internal device is usually /dev/video0, but this is not guaranteed.

To use a external camera, you can apply this patch

diff --git a/ b/
index 9f8c5fa..d2207e7 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -83,6 +83,7 @@ class Glive:
     def _detect_camera(self):
         v4l2src = gst.element_factory_make('v4l2src')
+        v4l2src.set_property('device', '/dev/video1')
         if v4l2src.props.device_name is None:

Supporting more than one camera without a patch is the subject of ticket #4859.