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Screencast is a video screen capture utility. It is based on Recordmydesktop by John Varouhakis. It captures the screen to a video file which is in Ogg-Theora-Vorbis file format.

Where to get it

It can be downloaded from

Does the .xo mean that it will only work on OLPC machines? Anyone tested this on a standard Intel CPU? SoaS?


It is thought to be buggy but the following patch has allowed video to be saved to the Journal. Open Terminal and change to directory /home/olpc/Activities/Screencast.activity and replace the file with this file (renamed to

(it would be a good idea to backup the existing file first, eg mv pippy_app.bak)


The Screencast application

The Journal listing three saved videos

Running from the command line

Open Terminal and change to directory /home/olpc/Activities/Screencast.activity

  cd Activities/Screencast.activity

press ctrl c to terminate recording, then wait for processing to complete

  copy-to-journal out.ogv -m video/ogg

The manual is helpful reading.

The meaning of the -m flag is to set the Mime type 1 2 3 to video/ogg


Any chance that we can get a screencast of this arcane process? I feel like there a lot of steps taken for granted here.