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A tutorial with instructions to write Sugar to a USB stick.


Current status

Working Title: SoaS Writer

or Sugar Stick Builder / Writer

Deciding the title is critical to finishing the screenshots, before the project is uploaded to Github (because the title appears in many screenshots, and consistent shots are required).

Working demonstration built.

  • Targeted release: (SUGAR_VERSION)
  • Introduced: February 2015
  • Last updated: February 2015
  • Percentage of completion:
Working model, 90%
Github, 0%

Detailed Description

The method involves `livecd-iso-to-disk` as this page.

Construction is copied from Help Activity, which uses Sphinx,

A liveinst method is under consideration.

Pro, makes nice 4 or 8 GB sticks.

Con, instructions are more difficult to write for novices.

If the tutorial is to be available to all users, they should not easily be able to delete the host OS as could happen with anaconda.
Fairly detailed instructions are necessary to explain how to set up a satisfactory for children boot record.

Future versions

Might include a script which would probe the capacity of an inserted USB stick,and deliver the livecd-iso-to-disk command on confirmation by the user.

Might include liveinst instructions under the heading `How to install Sugar on an expired Windows XP machine`.

Benefit to Sugar

Allow new users to adopt Sugar more easily.