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Tam Tam developers' page


TamTam is a suite of four music and sound related activities for the XO. TamTam is written in python with some C functions for speed-critical services. The audio engine for TamTam is Csound.

Build from sources

In Terminal activity, launch:

sudo yum install git csound-devel alsa-lib-devel python-devel make gcc-c++

Clone the sources and build binaries:

mkdir -p ~/Activities
git clone --depth 1 git:// ~/Activities/tamtam
cd ~/Activities/tamtam/common/Util/Clooper

If make was successful, create symlinks to all TamTam activities:

cd ~/Activities/tamtam
./ dev

Bundling from Sweets

If you are using Sweets you can bundle your changes with:

sweets bind sdk/sugar ./ dist_xo

This can be done in the root of tamtam sources