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The My Blocks Palette (yellow)

THIS PAGE IS OUT OF DATE SEE Activities/Turtle_Art#Blocks_Palette

examples (6)


descriptions (6)

TA-start.svg start connects action to toolbar run buttons
TA-hat1.png action 1 "hat" top of action 1 stack
TA-stack1.svg action 1 invoke action 1 stack
TA-hat2.png action 2 "hat" top of action 2 stack
TA-stack2.svg action 2 invoke action 2 stack
TA-hat.png nameable action "hat" top of named action stack
TA-stack.png nameable action invoke named action stack
TA-storeinbox1.svg store in box 1 store numeric value in variable 1
TA-box1.svg box 1 variable 1 (numeric value)
TA-storeinbox2.svg store in box 2 store numeric value in variable 2
TA-box2.svg box 2 variable 2 (numeric value)
TA-storeinbox.png store in nameable box store numeric value in named variable
TA-box.png nameable box named variable (numeric value)