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* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Mathematics_and_art|Mathematics and art]], an introduction to TA.
* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Mathematics_and_art|Mathematics and art]], an introduction to TA.
* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Counting|Counting]]
* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Counting|Counting]]
* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Turtle_Art_programming_without_words|Turtle Art programming without words]] (includes Mayan and other visual numerals)
* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Turtle_Art_programming_without_words|Turtle Art programming without words]] (includes a link to Mayan and other visual numerals)
* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Turtle Art and Logo|Turtle Art and Logo]]
* [[Activities/TurtleArt/Tutorials/Turtle Art and Logo|Turtle Art and Logo]]

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Tony Forster's Blog

Tony Forster has written a number of blog posts about his experiments with Turtle Art:

An bringing it all together, the Turtle Art Oscilloscope.


Tony has also used the programmable block to do file IO.

Video Tutorials

I know there are a few but they are not categorized on this page... we'll make that happen soon. Help would be appreciated.

Mokurai's Tutorials

Mokurai has been working on how to teach Sugar by guided discovery, rather than by explicit direction, with only the necessary minimum of hints. At the same time, he has been working on Turtle Art examples to teach concepts of mathematics, programming, Computer Science, and physics, aiming where possible at presentations suitable for pre-literate pre-schoolers. Thus, no text, no formulas, no calculations. Those can come later in sequences on the same topics as children develop, including a transition from Turtle Art to Python, Logo, and Smalltalk, with options for other languages. However, it is necessary to provide texts, sometimes with formulas and calculations, for the teacher or parent helping the child. These will appear on Mokurai's Replacing Textbooks blog, available at PlanetSugarlabs, and will be incorporated into Open Education Resources on the Sugar Labs Replacing Textbooks server.


Planned topics

Primary school


At this level it is not necessary to use Turtle Art_to_introduce ideas. Nevertheless the ability to display a topic in Turtle Art demonstrates that it is of only a moderate level of complexity.