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Turtle Art Code for Turtle Art Turing Machine

In progress.

  • The Start action is the main procedure
  • The Setup action defines and initializes variables, and sets the orientation of the turtle
  • The Tape action writes the initial tape. User can change values in repeat statements to change arguments.
  • The Program action followed by the stack1 action writes the program table line by line. This is divided in two so that the segments fit in the Turtle Art workspace
  • The Execute action carries out the next program step until the halt state is reached
  • The ToTape action Move turtle to current cell on tape
  • The ToProgram action Move Turtle to beginning of current program row to execute
  • The WriteCell action Write current color to current cell, and move to next cell
  • The WriteSymbol action Write current color in cell without moving
  • The ReadPixel action Read RGB values of pixel to stack, pop to variables
  • The SetValue action Find value of cell symbol from RGB numbers
  • The SetMove action Read next Move direction from program table
  • The SetSymbol action Read next Symbol to write from program table
  • The SetState action Read next State from program table
  • The NewCell action Move left or right and set cell number of new location
  • The Log action Write Step number, Symbol, Move, State, Cell number on new log line in black, saving and restoring