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Activity authors can upload their Activities to the Sugar Labs Activity Library.

Contributing your Activity

Developing your activity

For a guide on developing your own activity, please visit the Activity Team.

Preparing your Activity

  • Have a public system for reporting and managing bugs in your activity. This is an invaluable resource for us when we are reviewing your activity as it gives us information on any problems in your activity. We recommend using .
  • If possible, conduct a beta release cycle from your website every time you want to release a new version of your activity. Allow your current users to be involved, but be sure to warn them that the activity is in beta ;) Conducting a beta cycle will ensure your activity has less bugs and is of a higher quality when you release it and/or release new versions.
  • Have a public forum for users to critique, comment on and discuss your activity. If this is not possible or impractical, create a page on Activities about your activity - this will group together any comments that users have about your activity and allow reviewers to gather information about your activity more speedily.
  • If you are updating your activity, have a changelog. This will inform us what parts of the activity have changed and which parts we especially need to test and give extra scrutiny to.
  • If any software is required for your activity, please state this in your submission.
  • Only declare compatibility with Sugar versions and operating systems that you have tested with.
  • Comply with Activity Policy. They're only drafts at the moment, but we still enforce them.
  • All activities uploaded to the Activity Library must be Free and Open Source Software. See our Licensing page for more information.

Submiting your activity

  • Once you have developed your activity(alpha and beta versions are welcome), create a Library Account.
  • Submit your Activity to the Activity Library.
  • Complete it.
  • If your activity is in alpha or beta stage and you want other users test/review it for you, email to sugar-devel@ mailing list with tag [ANNOUNCE] in subject field.

Making your activity Public

  • If your activity is ready to be public, Nominate it. After that, your activity will pushed to review queue for Library Editors.
  • Do not use Library Editors as beta testers and bug finders. This is not the purpose of editors. Please test the activity extensively before nominating to the public.
  • After your activity is pushed to the public, notification email will be send to sugar-devel@.

Each submission must be approved by an Editor or Administrator before it is listed on the site. Whether approved or denied, an email is sent to the authors. A comment is required if denied. If approved, the activity is moved to a directory so that it can be replicated across the mirrors.

The approval queue contains all of the submitted activities in a chronologic order, but the activities are not always handled in a FIFO/LIFO way. The reviewer just picks an activity and start reviewing. Most activities are reviewed following the main procedure for reviewing activities:

  1. Install the activity (and restart the application if needed).
  2. Check if the application is still functioning as it should.
  3. Briefly ensure that the core functionality of the activity works.
  4. Check if the description and version notes are accurate.

Then the activity is approved or denied. If the activity is denied, the reviewer will include comments on why it was denied. Keep in mind that the reviewer try to thoroughly test your activity, but, like any other, they don't have an unlimited amount of time.

If you have questions about the procedure, you could join #sugar on Information about how to get your activity reviewed faster can be found at: #How_to_Get_Your_Activity_Reviewed_Faster.

Submit new activity version

  • Upload new version, it will be pushed to review queue.
  • After new version of your activity is pushed to the public, notification email will be send to sugar-devel@.

Activity Library Developer Pages

Welcome Page

Also known as the Developers Control Panel (or Developers CP), when you enter /developers/ you are prompted to login or create an account.

Main Page

Once you've logged in, you're presented with a brief overview of the activities you've submitted and links to submit more.

User Profile

Each user is able to edit their own profile. Here you specify your name, email, and personal website. By default, your email address is not listed on the end-user website. Administrators are also presented with the ability to manage the permissions level of the user.

A user can be designated as an Administrator, Editor (aka Moderator) or User (aka Developer).

User Manager

An administrator has a list of all users and their permissions. From this screen mass updates are available. There is also a link for creating a new user.


Available to administrators only, a list of every item can be shown. On the sidebar are links to the Activities List. This shows the name, description, and date last updated. The name is a link to edit each item.