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==== ====
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|[http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=activities/foodforce2 foodforce2]
|[http://code.google.com/p/foodforce foodforce2]
|Food Force 2: Escaping poverty.
|Food Force 2: Escaping poverty.
|Muriel de Souza ...
|Mohit Taneja

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This page lists known Sugar activities which are in development or have started development.
See status legend at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: if you know that project is orphaned/unmaintained, please mark it by orphaned/unmaintained tags
      if you are (co)maintainer/contributor, please add youself to contacts column(link to user page is preferable)


Other activity lists which need to be merged into this page:

URL Description Contacts Status Notes

3dpong 3D pong game Wade Brainerd Dead Renamed to bounce, see below.

MIDI-file-player performs MIDI files Greg Thompson

assimilate A flashcards based activity Urko Fernandez

Analyze Analyze is an Activity that displays your XO's networking, Eduardo Silva

audio-loop-remixer perform audio loops Greg Thompson

bounce 3D pong game Wade Brainerd Migrated
No source tarball

bridge Physics03 bridge-activity

bundleactivity root

candy Automated python tutor Anthony Taranto

clkids Software de comprensión de ... Claudia Colque Alarcon No commits

clock A clock activity to learn ... Pierre Metras

colors painting activity Wade Brainerd Migrated

conozco-uruguay Unnamed repository; edit this ... Gabriel Eirea

departamentos A small python/gtk educational ... Marcel Renaud No commits

develop New develop activity Paul Swartz

epaati Squeak-based classroom learnin ... Luke Gorrie No commits

epals Pen pal and project activity Roberto Fagá

fiftytwo A set of card games KAWK

firefox-activity Firefox 3 activity packaging. C Scott Ananian

foodforce2 Food Force 2: Escaping poverty. Mohit Taneja

funnytalk Record and alter voice with ... Jacob Joaquin

gambiarra Incredible Machine-like game Luiz Carlos Irber ...

gcompris numerous activities for children Bruno Coudoin No commits

Hablar con Sara Es una actividad que conversa contigo. Sebastian Silva

help OLPC Help activity Brian Jordan

imagetosound Unnamed repository; edit this ... Cesare Marilungo No commits

implode Falling-block puzzle game Joseph C. Lee unpackage No source tarball; Shebang/permission mismatch

infoslicer Quickly and easily select ... Walter Bender Migrated

instrument-player A variety of instruments to ... Greg Thompson

isis Interactive fiction authoring ... Roberto Faga Jr

lab A scientific analysis and ... Nicholas Sinnott ...

labyrinth Mind map editor Gary C Martin ...

larry RPG that teaches foreign langu ... Melanie Kim

mastergoal Board strategy game inspired ... Nicolas Escobar No commits

mastermind Unnamed repository; edit this ... Mateusz Haligowski No commits

maze A multiplayer maze game Joshua Minor unpackage
No source tarball

model An activity for System Dynamic ... Bobby Powers

moon Displays current Moon phase Gary C Martin Migrated

newsreader PenguinTV-based RSS reader Owen Williams No commits

physics A 2D Physics playground for ... Brian Jordan

picker Lightweight system and process ... Riccardo Lucchese

playgo Go game activity Andreas Ambrois No commits Migrated

poetryjam Magnetic poetry activity Thomas Tuttle No commits

readetexts Read ETexts Activity James Simmons Migrated

record Photo/audio/video recording ... Erik Blankinship unpackage No source tarballPerhaps hardware specific. // issues related to XO's screen ?

retroscope Activity showing live video, ... Gabriel Burt No commits

simplerpg Unnamed repository; edit this ... Mel Chua

snakeladder Counting game for multiple ... James Newton No commits

socialcalc spreadsheet activity Manusheel Gupta No commits

speak A face that speaks text out ... Joshua Minor

stopwatch Stopwatch activity Benjamin Schwartz

talkntype A spelling game using speech ... Thomas Hannen

time Time telling activity Jason Rock

typing-turtle Typing tutor for OLPC laptop Kate Scheppke migrated

typing-turtle-game A typing turtle game activity ... Prakhar Agarwal

view-slides Activity for viewing a series of James Simmons Migrated

x2o Unnamed repository; edit this ... Alex Levenson

xo-lambda XO-Lambda is a simple Lisp ... Antoine v. Gelder

xoirc xoirc, IRC Client activity Eduardo Silva

xomail Email activity Shikhar Bhushan Dead Renamed to sweetmail and migrated.

chat Chat is a text chatting activity for Sugar Marco Pesenti Gritti Migrated soas

ebook-browser-reader Browser-based JavaScript eBook ... John Resig

cartoon-builder Cartoon Builder Ed Stoner

flipsticks MaMaMedia Flipsticks Activity Ed Stoner

jigsaw-puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle Carlos Neves

joke-machine MaMaMedia Joke Machine Activity Antoine v. Gelder

mamamedia-activity-center MaMaMedia Activity Center Carlos Neves

mamamedia-teacher-center MaMaMedia Teacher Center Carlos Neves

poll Simple poll tool Morgan Collett

slider-puzzle Slider Puzzle Carlos Neves

story-builder Graphical story constructor Morgan Collett

PlayGo The ancient game of Go Gerard J. Cerchio

acoustic-measure-activity Acoustic Tape Measure Activity Benjamin Schwartz No source tarball; Shebang/permission mismatch; Hardware specific?

analyze-activity Analyze activity (console ... Eduardo Silva soas

barcode Barcode reader for pubkey ... Fabrice Desclaux

block-party-activity Tetris clone activity John (J5) Palmieri

bundle-vault Bundle repository devtree. John (J5) Palmieri

calc Calculator activity Reinier Heeres Deprecated

calculate Calculate Reinier Heeres Migrated soas Depends on sharedstate module which isn't officially released. Distros packaging sharedstate separately rely on git snapshots of sharedstate.

cclicensing Activity to explain CC licensing Asheesh Laroia

colingoxo Constructivist language learning Arthur Richards

comic-maker build comic strips Christian Reichlin

connect-activity Connect Four activity Dafydd Harries

deducto-activity Deducto Manusheel Gupta

develop-activity Development activity/ view ... Andrew Clunis

dobject Active data structures for ... Benjamin Schwartz

dosemu DOS Emulation support for XO. Elijah Wright No commits

edukt Content Multimedia Builder Alfonso de la Guarda ...

Etoys Learning / authoring / programming environment Bert Freudenberg Cool, works, polished, SoaS pending inclusion in fedora / debian / ubuntu

games-misc OLPC game collection Kent Quirk

gmail-activity GMail launcher Walter Bender

hellomesh An activity to demo the use ... Morgan Collett

idly-develop A proof of concept for multili ... Jameson Quinn

itv Interactive Television with ... Alfonso de la Guarda ...

jukebox-activity Jukebox activity Dan Williams Migrated

kuku Educational quiz tutorial Julius B. Lucks

listen-spell learn new words, improve their ... Assim Deodia

log Log viewer activity Eduardo Silva Migrated soas

measure Measure Activity Arjun Sarwal unpackage No source tarball; Currently hardware specific(?) //issues related to the XO's audio chip

memorize Memory game (also known as ... Simon Schampijer
csound missing necessary patches on some distributions

memphis Memory usage tool for develope ... Eduardo Silva

micropolis-activity GPL city-construction game John Gilmore

oficina Oficina (aka Paint) Manusheel Gupta unpackage
No source tarball; C fill.so module - has source but no build process

olpcmusic Applications developed by ... Jeremy Flores

ourstories Story recording/sharing activity John Huang

physics01 Physics01 Physics01

physics02 Unnamed repository; edit this ... Physics02

physics04 Physics04 Physics04

physics05 Physics05 Brian Jordan

pippy-activity Pippy, an activity for program ... Brian Jordan soas No source tarball

productive Simplified Real Time Strategy ... Mike C. Fletcher

read Read is a PDF reader activity for Sugar Manusheel Gupta Migrated soas Dependency on sugar-evince, which cannot be installed in parallel with evince.

rgbpaint Paint program Mark Tyler

screen-reader The project aims to develop ... Hemant Goyal

sharedstate Extensible framework for devel ... Reinier Heeres

simcity-activity EA-licensed GPL city-construct ... John Gilmore

stirme-activity STIRME mesh elections activity Nolambar von Lómeanor

sweetmail Email client activity Shikhar Bhushan Migrated; Unfinished Work in progress

tamtam Music and sound exploration ... Nathanaël Lécaudé
to close xoonly see [1]
No source tarballs
XO specific hacks in the sound code

tamtam-library Data space for Tamtam activities Nathanaël Lécaudé Dead tamtam stores images/sounds in common/ directory in its repo

telehealth-db A diagnosis aid and health ... Ian Daniher

terminal-activity Terminal / Shell Activity Eduardo Silva Migrated

turtleart-activity Turtle Art activity Brian Silverman Migrated SoaS #Turtle Art issues
moved to gitorious; maintained by Walter Bender

turtleartportfolio-activity Turtle Art Portfolio activity Walter Bender fork of Turtle Art... probably will become the new Turtle Art

video-chat-activity One-on-one video call activity. Guillaume Desmottes

vision-screening Activities for vision screenin ... Mitchell N Charity

watch-listen Watch and Listen project Sayamindu Dasgupta

wikibrowser browser and synch tool for ... SJ Klein

wikiosity Wikipedia reading list generator Alex Wissner-Gross

wikiserver Server for wikipedia slices ... Chris Ball

wikislice Wikipedia subsets and tools SJ Klein

wine-activities Provides a virtual windows ... Benjamin Schwartz

wordsearch Word search puzzle game Phyrum Tea

write AbiWord for OLPC J.M. Maurer Migrated soas

wysiwyg In-browser WYSIWYG editor ... John Resig

xo-quiz Image Quiz-Game where question ... Chris Hager - Tony Anderson aka ImageQuiz

sugarize This wrapper makes any normal ... Albert Cahalan

TurtleArtwithSensors Turtle Art with Sensors Activity Arjun Sarwal merged with Turtle Art v 25

soundtracker SoundTracker oldskool activity Bernardo Innocenti

xaos XaoS oldskool activity Bernardo Innocenti

browse A browser based on xulrunner for the sugar platform Bobby ity for Sugar Marco Pesenti Gritti Migrated soas

BasicMaths Simple Math game Sulmanminhas Unfinished

Ruler Screen-based measuring device. Mitchell Charity No source tarball; Hardware specific in that the scale of the ruler is hardcoded to the XO resolution and screen size.

Scratch Visual programming environment. State unknown. No source tarball; Hardware specific in that the scale of the ruler is hardcoded to the XO resolution and screen size.


Turtle Art issues

When we fold in Turtle Art with Sensors, we'll have to make sure that proper python math packages are loaded (previously, we were using numeric):

from numpy.oldnumeric import *
from numpy.fft import *
Turtle Art with Sensors has been folded into Turtle Art as per Version 25. However, the pitch sensor doesn't work because there is no real_fft in numpy.fft. --Walter 20:29, 30 January 2009 (UTC)
This is fixed (needs more testing) as per Turtle Art 32 --Walter 14:43, 10 February 2009 (UTC)


What open issues are there such that TA is marked as unpackaged? --Walter 14:46, 10 February 2009 (UTC)

Block Party

Was this activity superceded or just overlooked? Tony


  • Migrated The activity Git repository has moved to git.sugarlabs.org.
  • works The activity was tested and is known to work.
  • polished This activity is in good shape, that is to say it is in active use or should be.
  • unfinished This activity has been started but is not quite ready to be seen by users.
  • dead The activity is not likely to reach a usable state and we are ignoring it.
  • cool Someone thinks this activity has good potential and would be worth checking out by the ActivityTeam.
  • deprecated Activity should be replaced by a different one.
  • soas Activity is on the Sugar on a Stick distribution(at least on SoaS-1)
  • +soas Activity does not have serious faults like missed dependencies(or they are listed in comments), not xoonlly and should be included to SoaS and marked as soas
  • xoonly Activity works only on XO due to software/hardware preferences (XO screen resolution, etc.)
  • unpackage Various packaging related issues
  • orphaned Author is not interested in project, feel free to take it in your hands
  • unmaintained There is lack of human resources to maintain, feel free to be a co-maintainer
  • Add more tags here.