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Install Sugar

The easiest way is installing sugar from native packages.

If your favourite GNU/Linux distribution doesn't provide sugar or contains out-of-dated packages(in most cases you don't need latest minor release(like 0.82.1, 0.84.1), the good practise is looking for the last major release(0.82, 0.84)) you could consider possibility to use sugar-jhbuild - the system used by core developers to build sugar from last git sources.

As an activity developer in most cases you need only glucose module(its included to sugar-glucose or sugar packages).

Place your activity to ~/Activities/activity-name.activity directory.

To test your activity in sugar environment:

  • use sugar command to run sugar as a regular window manager
  • use sugar-emulator command to run sugar in window mode(in Xephyr), could be useful to test your activity in current environment without re-loginning.

Join the Activity Team

The Activity Team is newly formed and we are seeking members.

If you would like to join:

  1. Create a User page on if you have not already.
  2. Copy your SSH public key into your User page.
  3. Add a link to your User page to Activity Team/Contacts.
  4. Subscribe, and send an email introducing yourself to

If you are an independent developer who is interested in working on a Sugar activity, please introduce yourself and your project in an email to

Quick Start

If you'd rather just start coding right now, it's easy to do!

  • Check Activity Team/TODO for ideas to work on. To start small, pick an Activity Feature Request. If you'd rather work on something harder, try one of the High Impact Tasks.
  • If you haven't already set up Sugar, see Activity Team/Resources.
  • Clone the Git repository for the project you picked and register it with Sugar.
git clone <project_url>
cd project_name
python dev
(Ctrl-Alt-Erase to restart Sugar)
  • Hack on the source code.
  • Create a patch file containing your changes.
git commit
git format-patch -1
  • Email 0001-My-change-description.patch to