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The Activities team will be holding regular bi-weekly meetings on Fridays at 17:00 UTC on (channel: #sugar-meeting). Please add to the agenda below and please join in with your ideas.

Hint: You can use an online time calculator to convert from UTC to your local time zone or back. Sugar_Labs/Contacts#IRC.2C_Internet_Relay_Chat

The Sugar Labs Meetings calendar is available in a variety of formats at these links: XML.gif ICal.gif HTML.gif.

See IRC for information on getting there.

Friday March 13th 2009 - 17:00 UTC


  • Activity Team coordinator announcement.
    • Take ownership of The Activity Team will create a team of editors and admins to review and manage activity submissions.
    • Ask permission of activity authors to allow AT members to make releases. Without the ability of AT members to make releases, we will have fewer working & up to date activities on ASLO compared with distributions like SoaS (since it's common for distributions to package "trunk" activities). It's in everyone's interest to have the activities on ASLO be as up to date as possible.
    • Reintroduce idea of Activity Team Stamp of Approval and take care of these activities.
    • Discuss activity categories.
      • Introduce age range categories? Which ranges?
  • Activity Team adoption of orphaned activities.
    • An "Activity Team" user now exists on ASLO so that we can post activities to ASLO without creating a user account for a possibly unreachable author.
    • We are considering also creating an activity Team user on Gitorious, which authors could give commit permission to in order to allow new releases to be made. This user could also be used when forking orphaned activities.
      • we shouldn't confuse activities authors by intervening to development process alsroot 18:44, 9 March 2009 (UTC)
      • common(RO to trunk, but fork/merge) access and ask authors only for releasing permissions - incrementing versions(do not confuse users), releasing(maybe) from cloned repos alsroot 18:44, 9 March 2009 (UTC)
  • The Sugar Platform
    • Consdier adopting SoaS as the standard test platform for ASLO activities. Assume that if SoaS works, other distributions will work as well.
    • Blobs in activities on ASLO.
      • Some of these blobs could be packaged and included in the Sugar Platform (gst-pluigns-espeak in Speak).
      • Others are truly activity specific (like C-libraries in Bounce and Colors).
        • We can oblige authors (by not approving non-conforming activities) to provide a standard set of variants which we determine. For example, x86/x64 for Linux. Another possibility is included standardized build scripts in the XO bundles and making a compiler suite part of the Sugar platform.
        • Alternately, we can add architecture choices to the ASLO platform selection.
          • Might be too complicated for kids to pick correctly.
          • Also requires authors to release multiple .xo bundles and set up cross-compilation.
          • How it will look like if a kid decided download activity from aslo and had to choose the right choice between Applications(0.82, 0.84), Platforms(Linux, BSD, Mac), Architectures(x86, x86_64, ppc, etc.)?
  • GSoC 2009
    • SugarLabs is currently not planning to support activity development projects for GSoC 2009. Does the Activity Team want to encourage them to change this policy, or should we work under OLPC instead?


Friday Feburary 27 2009 - 12pm EST


  • Catch up on the past month's progress
  • discussion
    • Identify major issues that block usage by all activity maintainers and/or consumers.
    • Make a clear HOWTO about uploading a bundle, nominating it, etc. Could be a guide with screenshots or a screencast, etc (I think that David Farning is looking at this)
    • Set up a team of administrators and a team of editors. I guess a couple of people in each could be a good start.
  • Status of activity migration + author outreach
  • Review of the TODO list
  • Distribution discussion
    • Minimum resolution supported by Sugar
    • Help system
  • News from Tuesday's OLPC Deployment meeting.


I forgot to use #endmeeting, so this log contains quite a bit of additional unrelated discussion.

Past Meetings

Friday January 30 2009 - 3pm EST - Inaugural Meeting

This is the first Activity Team meeting, and all are welcome! Here's hoping for a big turnout and a productive discussion.

Please join the channel 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. The meeting will last about an hour.

If you would like to add an item to the agenda, please propose it on the talk page or discuss it with an Activity Team coordinator first.


  • Introduce members, discuss purpose and role of the team.
  • Detail our progress thus far.
  • Discuss the status of activity migration.
  • Infrastructure
    • Status of Remora port.
    • Can we have a commits list?
  • Activity updates (User:Bernie)
  • Propose activities to be featured & promoted to deployments.
  • Overview of the TODO list. Try and get some tasks picked up.
  • Discuss the possibility of an activity sprint February 7-8, 2009.
  • Discuss time and frequency of future meetings & status update emails.