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  • [done] make share button insensitive, icon for logsend (could be edit one)
I'll pick up this one --Garycmartin
Looks to be done already in latest git, but reveals a new sub toolbar issue in that it does not conform to the standard height (it must be relying to the height of share/keep icon) --Garycmartin 19:03, 30 August 2009 (UTC)
Note that the sub toolbar is not the correct height once the two buttons have been removed.
How about this as tools icon rather than the source view currently used? Toolbar-tools.png here's the mock-up Toolbar tools icon mockup.png
Another option (ripped off Walter's cockroach bug icon)? Toolbar-bug.png here's the mock-up Toolbar bug mockup.png


  • close icon on tab
  • tabs not distinguishable
Are we moving session tabs to the top as we put in the new toolbar? Perhaps we should focus on the toolbar for now, and worry about the current tab style later. I would like to see tabs in the same style as Browse for consistency if possible (should make the tab names shorter to make tabs more usable). Regarding toolbar, the "Tab" tab can go and all functions fit in the primary toolbar, will need new (tab shape) icons for "New tab" and "Close tab" perhaps also "Previous tab" and "Next tab" though we could consider removing these --Garycmartin
OK, how about these two new icons (likely want them in sugar-artwork so other activities can use them) Tab-add.png and Tab-remove.png?
And potentially Tab-next.png and Tab-previous.png?
Also potentially need a primary tab toolbar icon Toolbar-tab.png


Here's a mock-up for how the above may look using tab shaped buttons --Garycmartin


  • tabs not distinguisable
  • [done] move edit and vew icon to the left


  • keep as options

TA save.png

  • keep eye out for a better 'keep/save/export/import' type primary toolbar button
  • save snapshot

TA turtle toolbar.png


  • readtoolbar icon? (bookmarks one?) No palette for star icon

Read bookmarks.png

  • maybe the bookmark ones can go into the top bar?
  • open unsupported document (_load_document l540)
  • alert?
  • can I reload a document?

Read View.png


  • play/create icons? How to switch between the two modes?
How about this for create (with all play tools in primary) Memorize-create.png here's a mock-up Memorize create mockup.png


  • view, edit, the rest of the options go into the primary one
  • bug: copy when no text is selected (type clipping)
I'll pick up this one Garycmartin


  • icons for algebra, trigonometry...?
How about this for generic algebra icon Toolbar-algebra.png a tough one, here's a mock-up Toolbar algebra icon mockup.png
How about this for trigonometry Toolbar-trigonometry.png here's a mock-up Toolbar trigonometry icon mockup.png
And boolean Toolbar-boolean.png here's the mock-up Toolbar boolean icon mockup.png


  • view section only? all the view related things in the main line?


  • view section, rest in the main screen


  • simple activity (hello world example)
  • can we put the "Stop" and "Run" button controls in the primary toolbar to give more canvas space? --Garycmartin


  • paint: edit, image (eye), color icon, shape icon, text icon, tools icon? (or main one?), effects icon


  • use type (audio, video etc) icons


  • everything in the top?
  • how to differentiate the activity close button and the play/stop one?
  • do we actually keep the stop button?
I'll pick up this one --Garycmartin

Typing turtle

  • simple one


  • everything in top, restart button from memorize


  • new concept (currently edit and library tab)


  • some icon polishing and a reorder
Some misc mock-up ideas from Walter List-none.png and List-sizes.png
Possible replacement "Insert Image" Insert-image.png
Primary toolbar icon for the secondary toolbar of bullet styles Toolbar-bulletlist.png here's the mock-up Toolbar bulletlist mockup.png
Paragraph heading 1 style Paragraph-h1.png
Paragraph heading 2 style Paragraph-h2.png
Paragraph heading 3 style Paragraph-h3.png
Paragraph heading 4 style Paragraph-h4.png
Paragraph block text style Paragraph-blocktext.png
Favourite attempt so far at an icon for the "Plain Text" paragraph style Paragraph-plaintext.png
Here's another try at an icon for "Plain Text" if you don't like above Paragraph-plaintext-v2.png



  • is the 'x' icon correct or should it better be '-'?