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When you plan to take a task from the list, please sign and date it using four tildes.

* task name ˜˜˜˜

When a task is complete, strike it out.

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High Impact Tasks

These are tasks which will have a big impact on Sugar deployments. This is your chance to affect thousands of children in the developing world! This section will be updated frequently to feature the most urgent work the Activity Team has to do.

Quiz software

One of the top activity requests from deployments is a general purpose, collaborative Quiz activity. It should support creation of quizzes by teachers. It should support image, sound and text content, in the form of multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, etc. It should allow multiple students to take a quiz simultaneously by joining the activity.

Speak collaboration

This has the potential to be an awesome communication method; not only a chat option for the blind but a way of teaching specific words, and a fun way to engage small clusters of people around an XO: sound carries well to people who aren't currently reading the screen.

Maze collaboration

Maze is currently the most addictive multiplayer game on the XO, and it needs a further dusting of crack, including better statistics, handicaps, etc.

SWF activity launcher

The Nepal deployment have created a suite of Flash based learning activities but are currently having to jump through many hoops to package them correctly. We would like to have a launcher which creates an activity window and launches Gnash in it, with a .SWF file. This launcher would then be used to easily make activity bundles out of SWF files.

Web activity launcher & framework

Other deployments are using HTML+CSS+Javascript to make learning activities, but they currently have to be installed using the Library Collection feature of Sugar which is not well developed. We would like to build a 'web-activity' launcher script which allows Web based activities to be first class activities with icons on the home screens. This would involve making a new framework out of the source code to the Browse activity and submitting it upstream to the DevelopmentTeam, in addition to writing the launcher script.

Document Process to Add instruments to TamTam

Most deployments would love to add their native instruments to TamTam but have no idea how to get started. Documentation on how to do this is lacking in the TamTam wiki. If it is very technically challenging to add new instruments to TamTam, it would be great if someone from the ActivityTeam would volunteer to assist deployments in adding new instruments. see Modifying TamTam

Community Tasks

  • Announce availability of ATeam contacts page to mailing lists. Wade 17:26, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Query ATeam members about skills, interest, time commitment. Wade 17:26, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Look for at least one additional coordinator.
  • Contact former + current activity developers. Wade 17:26, 12 January 2009 (UTC)
    • Ask about moving activities to (or mirroring).
    • Ask about joining the ActivityTeam or coming to meetings.

Infrastructure Tasks

  • Make (or work. See ActivityTeam/Remora_port.
  • Move projects owned by ATeam members over to and
    See ActivityTeam/How_to_migrate_from_OLPC for activity migration instructions.
    See ActivityTeam/ActivityStatus for a list of projects that need to be moved.
  • Bug IT to get us admin accounts for SL services.
    • Downloads (It would be great if they could set up a way to automatically publish tarballs and xo bundles from Gitorious to downloads without a shell account).
    • Trac (component creation)
  • Ask IT about activity repository mirroring. A read-only Git repository on SL which automatically pulls from a remote repository.
  • Flesh out structure for ActivityTeam wiki.Wade 01:34, 14 January 2009 (UTC)
  • Create ActivityTeam wiki structure page indicating where content is supposed to go.
  • Bug IT to add helpful "git-clone" hints like on:;a=summary and/or instructions for developing within sugar like: (snipped) I moved this snippet to the Get Involved page, and Gitorious does offer push / clone urls. Wade 01:34, 14 January 2009 (UTC)

Development Tasks

  • Help SoaS and other distro packagers to get as many activities as possible working on plain Sugar (outside the XO software environment).
    See ActivityTeam/ActivityStatus for a list of projects that need to ported and/or tested.
  • Clean up activities. Bring .POT files up to date, check MANIFEST is correct, publish latest version to
    See ActivityTeam/ActivityStatus for a list of projects that need to cleaned up.
  • Build a list of "Rescue" activities: Ones which have not been worked on in a while but are close to being usable.
  • Build a list of "Help Wanted" activities: Great ideas or existing projects which need to be sugarized.
  • Generate spec for Web, SWF activities and deliver to DevelopmentTeam.

Activity Feature Requests

This section is for feature requests for specific activities. As requests, there can be no guarantee as to the order in which we will process them, but we will do our best.

If you are a new activity developer, there are many small tasks here which would be a great way to get introduced to the project.

Turtle Art

  • Move the show/hide blocks, erase, and stop buttons to the toolbar
  • Add run and step buttons to the same toolbar
  • Reconfigure audio initialization so that it only happens when TA starts up or gets sent to the background
  • Don't let bricks get lost off the screen
  • Add a special stack "hat" for "main" (tied to the run button above)
  • Merge with TA with sensors.