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Addboard is a simple addition based board game that will hopefully teach 4th grade students basic addition and problem solving.

The Board

Base Implementation

Addboard's puzzles are based around moving your single circle around the board within a set amount of turns. The goal is to reach the middle white square by using the numbers around your circle to navigate your way through the maze. The player moves the set amount of space in the direction of the number they move towards.


Addboard will adhere to the New York State and Massachusetts math curriculum for first grade students (Section 1.OA). The board will teach basic addition from 1-5 and problem solving in a fun and interesting way.


The board is required to have a an exit square and a starting square. The puzzle becomes larger and larger after each level and gives the player an increasing amount of tries per level.


The board uses smaller numbers in the first few levels, then increases in complexity in increasing levels. The problem solving implements finding the optimal path to the middle. Addition is a work in progress.

Problem Solving

Figuring out the optimal path to the middle.


General Mechanics

The player will move around the board following the direction and path of the number that is directly next to the players location. The player must find the optimal path to the middle white square.


The controls are simple arrow keys. Move the character to each corresponding square with the arrow keys.

Exit Square

The exit square is the end of the level. The player needs to directly land onto the square.



The game borrows from the phone game phenomena. Block looking squares with a simple solid color.


None yet. Work in Progress.


It's not currently installable on the XO BUT it's playable from terminal. Currently we are working on fixing the installation of the game.


This project is open source licensed under the MIT License:

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