AngleGators is an educational game targeted at grade 4 students following the common core curriculum. The game utilizes the pygame library as a framework, and was designed for OLPC Laptops.


AngleGators works on linux machines and XO laptops, attempts have not yet been made to run the game in a Windows setting.


Melody Kelly -

Alex Mack -

Alex Russell -

To Do

  • Add Alligator movement on Y-axis
  • Add difficulty settings
  • Add music
  • Add options screen for difficulty and sound
  • Add more art
  • Make food appear at different points along Y-axis
  • Animate Alligator


AngleGators is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3


Source material can be found at:




  1. Download pygame, and dependencies, if necessary.
  2. Download source from github
  3. Run with python

XO Laptop

  1. Download source files from internet or usb
  2. run ' genpot' and ' build'
  3. run install
  4. run game


As fruit spawns and move toward the gator, the player must use the arrow keys to open or close the gator's mouth. Points will be awarded or removed based on the angle of the gator's mouth opening. Maximum points will be awarded for each fruit if the angle of the gator's mouth matches the required angle of the fruit. If a player misses a fruit, the alligator 'loses a tooth', to act a typical life counter.