Archive/Current Events/2010-11-25

Sugar Digest

1. The Oversight Board election is underway. We have a very strong candidate list that spans the breadth of the community. You should have received a ballot by email. Please vote before 29 November. If you registered to vote and for some reason you did not receive a ballot, please let me know.

2. Tony Forster continues to add to the [Turtle Art with Sensors] page in the wiki. Lots of great project ideas, ranging from making graphs of various data to measuring water salinity to building a carbon microphone. Check it out.

3. Alex Khitrik <alex at sugarlabs dot org> is our new volunteer finance administrator volunteer. Alex has a passion for transparency; as a first task, he will be making available all of our financial data in the wiki.

In the community

4. Congratulations to Tabatha Roder and the NZ Testing Team who were honored by the NZ Open Source Awards 2010. Tabatha and the Saturday morning testers in Wellington and Auckland were recognized for their contributions to Free Software in NZ.

5. We have had a flurry of new activities being contributed by deployments. Ceibal Jam in Uruguay posted a number of their wonderful activities on ASLO; Yader Velásquez, a volunteer from Nicaragua posted a cool calendar activity (See [1]); and a 12-year-old student from Uruguay has posted two new activities: an image viewer and a Python development environment. Meanwhile, ASLO reports over 4.25 million downloads.

6. DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP, an international forum on development and social inclusion through the use of ICT in Uruguay will be held on 29th and 30th November 2010 at the Uruguayan Laboratory of Technology (LATU) in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Tech Talk

7. Aleksey Lim, Bernie Innocenti, et al. have completed the upgrade to the Sugar Gitorious server. Please note that the IP address for has changed to And it has a new public SSH key:


You will have to remove line with substring "" from your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file and then reconnect to in order to push changes to the server. (If you have trouble, check to see if "ssh-keygen -F -l" matches the key above.)

Sugar Labs

Gary Martin has generated a SOM from the past week of discussion on the IAEP mailing list.

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