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Sugar Digest

1. Amidst all the heated discussion about software licenses, it is worth stepping back a moment to see what people are actually doing on the ground with Sugar. Check out for an example of how Turtle Art has been modified by some of our end users!! Free Software rocks.

2. I somehow misread the race schedule: the Sugar Labs team is not returning to Uruguay for the Vuelta de Uruguay this year (Team Chipolte/Sugar Labs won the Ruta de la Americas in Uruguay earlier this year). Nonetheless, we will continue with our plans to engage the children of Uruguay in participating in the race. With help from Ceibal Jam, RAP Ceibal, El Pais, RIT, and the Sugar Labs marketing team, we now have a site enabled for blogging about the race (See

3. While we were looking the other way, we surpassed 5 million activity downloads on the Sugar Labs activity server.

4. In a follow-up exercise to the Massachusetts 4th Grade Math project, Claudia Urrea and I have been developing a correlation between Sugar activities and the Florida 4th Grade math curriculum (See Math4Team/Florida). Also, check out the preliminary write up on the Assessment Summit (more details to follow).

In the community

5. Cynthia Solomon has put her excellent book, co-authored by Margaret Minsky and Brian Harvey, on Logo programming, LogoWorks: Challenging Programs in Logo, on line (See There is also a very nice preface by Marvin Minsky ( All the the examples can be run in Turtle Blocks.

6. Don't miss EduJam (May 5-7) and Sugar Camp (May 8-9) in Montevideo.

Sugar Labs

Gary Martin has generated a SOM from the past few weeks of discussion on the IAEP mailing list.

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