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Sugar Digest

1. I've been busy pulling together tasks for Google Code In (with help from Gonzalo, Sebastian, Laura, and Daniel). Sugar Labs already has 153 tasks in the system so far, many of them culled from the bug tracker (I mostly focused on enhancements to begin with.) We can continue to add new tasks as the contest proceeds, so don't be shy about suggesting things.

Also, please, we need more mentors. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Once more, I also encourage you to solicit contestants from our user community. Last year, we had great contributions from the Uruguay deployment. I am hoping we are also able to reach other deployments this year.

6. Finally released Turtle Blocks 193. It has Marion Zepf's Python Export feature (tip of the hat to Alan Aguiar and Martin Abente who helped with some of the debugging). It is really fun. Create a Turtle Art project, export it as Python, then open it in Pippy, the Sugar Python editor. Alas, there is a bug in Pippy -- that I am chasing down -- that prevents it from exporting Python to Sugar activities. But once that is fixed, you'll be able to author Sugar activities in Turtle Art!!!

Thanks too to Tony Forster, who helped me clean up the calibration for XO 1.75 and XO 4 sensor input.

In the community

3. There will be a Sugar/Turtle Art Day at UWCSEA on November 15.

4. olpc BaseCamp @ Malacca 2013 is being held from November 16 - 18. On the 16th, we'll run a Turtle Art Day in parallel.

Tech Talk

5. Gonzalo updated the Features pages in the wiki [5]. We are actively soliciting features for Sugar 102. Please send email to sugar-devel with your suggestions/plans.

Sugar Labs

6. Please visit our planet.