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The BugSquad to is the Quality Assurance (QA) team for Sugar. We test programs, work with downstream distributions and upstream applications to ensure good good bug and patch flow, triage bug reports, and manage the trac bug database.

editors note: Currently, this page is an outline for developing an outline of the BugSquad's responsibility. Gradually, the outline will become the bugsquad wiki page hierarchy.

What We Do

Testing Sugar

Teaching Users How to File Good Bugreports

Users are often the best source of good bug reports.

Teaching Bug Reporters How to Follow Up on Bugreports

Many bugreports rot because of lack of follow up from reporters.

Creating Best Practices for Developer Testing

Coordinate with Release Managers to Develop Pre-release test strategies

Working with Distributions

Good Communication with downstream distributions is essential for receiving bug reports and patches from outside developers.

Create Policies for Accepting Bug Reports and Patches from Downstream

Develop Patch Management Policies

As a new project, Sugar is in a unique position of developing patch management policies based on the best practices of other similar projects.

Working with Application Developers

Triaging Bug Reports

Managing the Bug Database


Open Tickets

Here is a link to the current open tickets for Sugar [1].

New Tickets

Here is a link to the page for opening a new ticket [2] (Note: you need to be logged in to the Trac system to post a ticket).

Content to Edit

This section is a temporary placeholder to links that should be incorporated into the BugSquad hierarchy.