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One key process in any software development project is the triaging of bugs and new features. The Sugar project has been part of the triage process used by the OLPC team (See http://dev.laptop.org). The tool, trac, seems more than up to the task. The challenge is to define unambiguous category tags in order to make the job of triage containable and to bring clarity to what is expected of developers.

Undoubted, a key is to define a clear Roadmap and decision-making process.

Please see the discussion page for ideas about how to improve the Triage process.

Currently, the OLPC trac system uses the following property categories and actions:

  • Type
    • defect
    • enhancement
    • task
  • Milestone
    • Update.1
    • Update.1.1
    • xs-03
    • Update.2
    • Gen-2
    • Future release
    • Future features
    • Never Assigned
    • Opportunity
    • Retriage, please
  • Version
    • a seemingly almost random list
  • Priority
    • blocker
    • high
    • med
    • low
  • Component
    • a long list...
  • CC
  • Keywords
  • Verified
  • Blocking
  • Blocked by
  • Action
    • leave as new
    • resolve as
      • fixed
      • invalid
      • won't fix
      • duplicate
      • works for me
    • reassign to
    • accept