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Notes below from Simon's email to Sugar-devel, 2008 Dec 10

- We agreed on the definition of the BugSquad (triaging, policies) [1].

- Sugar Core Testing: The quality of sugar core can be gauged by the sum 
of the quality of sugar on each platform. If a bug is present on one 
distribution and not on others one can say that this bug is distribution 
specific for example. These are only guidelines though. The testing 
should be provided by the distributions. Therefore, there is no need for 
Sugar Labs to do this testing itself on the distributions.

- Testing during the development cycle: the distributions should 
hopefully start to package sugar already during the development cycle. 
So we hope to get bug reports by then. The important part is that we 
have the BugSquad and infrastructure (trac) ready to work with that 
feedback. Additionally, the releases will be available as Soas, an easy 
way to test Sugar.

- We agreed that the BugSquad will be the team name.
#ACTION make BugSquad the team - clean up wiki (erikos)

#ACTION items for next week meeting: activity testing, olpc, automated 

[1] The BugSquad keeps track of current bugs in the sugar software and 
try to make sure that bugs are triaged correctly. You do not need any 
programming knowledge to be in the Bugsquad; in fact it is a great way 
to return something to the Sugar community if you cannot program. The 
squad is modeled on the gnome bugsquad: