Bugfixes in Dextrose 3

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Summary of bug-fixes/enhancements

(via http://bugs.sugarlabs.org):

Ticket Summary
Keyword: dx2
#2587 [dx2] Server side tool required for interpreting feedback reports
#2590 [dx2] Maze messes up the mouse pointer scheme
#2598 [dx2] Write-72 does not save properly as RTF
#2599 [dx2] Spanish translation for 'feedback' could be better
#2605 [dx2] Scratch-13 and 20100321 cannot record a picture on XO-1
#2606 [dx2] Scratch version 20100321 should be corrected as it will always remain the latest version
#2613 OO4kids failling to start on an XO-1.0
#2630 [dx2] Speak-21: translation issues for some strings
#2636 [dx2] Include tux-paint like stamping feature in Paint
#2655 reports missing camera module
#2663 [dx2] Flakey issue with mouse pointer theme
Keyword: dx3
#2483 Neighborhood view is sometimes greyed out or owner buddy is missing
#2802 [dx3] Control panel -> Accessibility -> "Cancel" button doesn't work
#2803 [dx3] Build dx3ng010 for xo-1 tries to install q3a62 firmware (which is actually meant for xo-1.5)
#2807 [dx3] dx3ng010-xo1.5: boot animation has too many hydrogen atoms
#2878 python-beautiful soup dependency lacking on dextrose (was:Read-89 does not start on Sugar 0.88)
#2889 Speak Detection of australian-english
#3041 [dx3] Include resource indicator icon in dx3-dev builds (<=dx3ng027)
#3082 Check if flash in dx3 is click to enable
#3192 Inconsistent subtitle appears on "home view" for browse activity.
#3217 English AU lacking on My Settings - Language.
Keyword: dextrose
#1512 Erasure of downloaded Activity entries in Journal permanently removes the code bundle
#1940 failed registration breaks registration for the session
#2060 Copying files multiple times results in bogus names
#2074 Activity data directory should be deleted when an activity is deleted
#2080 Pulsing icon delayed by 5 seconds or so
#2087 [Enhancement] Protected Activities
#2132 Datastore index corruption
#2152 Registration fails if user name contains ":"
#2159 Generate olpc-bootanim with Dextrose logo
#2163 Buddy icon not re-centered on screen rotation
#2182 Speak 16 speaks too fast on os300py on XO-1
#2183 Speak's robot is missing a lot of nouns in os300py on XO-1
#2185 dead.letter ~root on os300py on XO-1
#2186 ~bernie directory on os300py on XO-1
#2188 read pixel pushes an int to stack
#2205 rotation on xo-1 results in poor layout and graphics corruption
#2208 time data ... does not match format '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S'
#2209 os373pyg on XO-1 shows linux startup messages rather than sugar splashscreen
#2229 metadata-only update sets filesize property to 0
#2230 Fototoon 3 does not show controls when speech bubble first selected
#2251 physics on os373pyg on XO-1.5 missing the stop button
#2488 Cannot connect to adhoc network with name less than 8 characters
#2566 Speak's robot is missing a some nouns in os439dg on XO-1.5
#2567 Image Viewer consumes large amounts of memory and CPU, does not view images
#2569 Virtual Keyboard not-closing
#2615 Dextrose, browse115 fails on dialog box, os439dg
#2793 Read keyboard scroll doesn't work on startup or after a click in the toolbar
#2931 Screencast Activity needs another Icon