CFS SoaS pilot

This is the homepage for a 1st grade Sugar on a Stick deployment taking place during spring 2010 at Cambridge Friends School in Cambridge, MA USA. It's a constant work in progress, and may change from day to day - feel free to edit this page if you think you can improve it!

The curricular theme for the second half of first grade at this school has traditionally been “community” – so Lynne May (the 1st grade teacher) is planning her curriculum so the kids spend the whole semester learning (in a very exploratory way) about the Sugar Labs community and coming up with ways to convey their understanding of how open source participation works. For comparison, they’ll be looking at open source communities in parallel with two other kids of communities: their school (all together) and the neighborhood they (individually) live in.

And they’ll be participating upstream – this was important to Lynne May, that we find a way for the students to become a part of an open source community. We’re watching for opportunities throughout term for them to submit bug reports, blog on Planet Sugar Labs, participate in online meetings (in IRC, with a computer hooked to a wall projector and a grown-up typing and helping them read), and generally listening for things the Sugar (and Sugar-in-Fedora) community needs that they can make, and making them.


The people involved.


Our regular check-in time is at the Fedora Sugar Weekly Meetings on Thursdays, 1500 UTC in #fedora-olpc.


Deployment contingency plan: Blueberry

Sebastian (sdziallas) is working on an Sugar 0.88 based development build to see if it'll be ready on time for the pilot; one of the early decisions we'll have to make is what to use.


  • must-have Activities are Write and Browse
  • good-to-have Activities are Record, TurtleArt, and Speak
  • later on: Set, Maze, Physics, an offline library
  • everything else is cool but not as important


  • must-have Sugar features: back-up of Journal (even if it's a painful manual process)
    • we will do this with a cp of the ~/.sugar directory at first; not aiming for a School Server right now.


  • sdziallas will tell mchua what bugtracker to use before handing her a test image.
  • mchua making pilot wiki page on SL wiki
  • default channel for the project is #sugar


Item Model Quantity Price Subtotal (with shipping)
Netbook Acer Aspire One 532h 3 $298.95 USD $896.85 USD
Sticks need source 14 approximately $10 USD approximately $140 USD
Camera Kodak zi8 1 approximately $150 USD (refurbished) approximately $150 USD (refurbished)