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Sucrose images for the Raspberry pi 3 can be created by using this repository:

This fork was tested on Debian stretch platform which was set up in an schroot shell.

The method is described as follows:
1. Set up an schroot environment by following the instructions on this page: and replacing "wheezy" with "stretch" in the instructions to install Debian stretch which is crucial to build images using this repo.
2. Log into your schroot shell from the terminal.
3. Clone the repository.
4. Build dependencies by going through the readme file in the repo and executing the commands described.
5. Change your directory to the cloned repo and run this command to start the building process: "sh", without quotes. This step takes some time as the scripts start downloading and configuring   packages to build an image.
6. Once the proces is complete in the terminal, navigate to this directory: ~/rpi23-gen-image/images/stretch to find the image that was built.
Some changes have been made to the original repo found here: which can be viewed in the commit history of the fork mentioned above.