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The Sugar Harmonic Distribution is a systems approach to provide all the software tools that people might need within the Sugar Learning Platform.


  • Provide the ability to launch Base Software within heterogeneous software and hardware environments.
  • Using Base Software, provide access to varieties of Content created within the Sugar community, such as Sugar activities, artifacts derived from Sugar activities, books, etc.
  • Using Base Software, provide the collaborative functionality to support community Social activity centered around the Content.
  • Provide tools and workflows to adapt the Content and Base Software to specific needs that a Sugar Deployment might face. The final solutions are assuming to be scaled in several dimensions:
    • support not only XO laptops but regular desktops as well, e.g., in schools' computer labs;
    • work in online (Internet connectivity) and offline (e.g., rural schools) environments;
    • the size of Harmonic Distribution based deployments can start from micro/mini deployments (such as a couple of people deciding to setup the Sugar based learning platform in one particular school).
  • Deployment oriented components of Harmonic Distribution are assumed to be a basis for final solution supported by third-party distributors.

For a more detailed description, see the declaration of purpose.


Base software is the foundation to start exploring the rest of the system. It will be accessible from Sweets Distribution native packages. Repositories of packaged software will be provided for all supported platforms and can be used as-is on top of existing operating system, e.g., GNU/Linux distribution for regular desktops, or OLPC OS for XO laptops.
This class of software is based on Sugar Network, with master services hosted on Sugar Labs resources. It provides a broad variety of content, such as Sugar activities, artifacts derived from Sugar activities, books, etc., and the community social activity centered around this content. It is the common information forum to embrace all participants. Software provided on this level, in comparison to Base software, will be supported out of native packages.
A Harmonic Distribution Deployment is a set of solutions adapting all the previous components in order to support differing Sugar deployment scenarios. For example, "Keep the LTS releases for an Operating System and its Base software", or "Provide tools to sort out Content to make it useful for specific deployment needs".

Start using

Usage scenarios depend on the category of participants and might be different:

  • From any Web browser, open the Sugar Network site to start participating with people, who use our Base software, within the Content forum.
  • Sugar distributors might follow one of our Deployment suggestions to create downstream, Base software-based distributions for specified needs. In addition to Base software, distributors can adapt Content to local requirements, but Content will remain the common information forum for all participants, within and out of the deployment.

Downstream distributions

These distributions supports the full Harmonic Distribution stack (see also the list of Sweets Distribution only based downstreams):

  • The Hexoquinasa project created by Peruvian community to support Sugar Learning Platform deployments.

See also

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