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justhonestconvert Sugar to distro packages :)

The main purpose of this project is helping people to package Sugar for various non-mainstream GNU/Linux distributions. If a GNU/Linux distribution is not Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu based and there is a lack of human resources to maintain packages, this project could be valuable.

How it works

The general idea is to collect all distro-independent information in one place to minimize maintenance costs. The process for generating packages is:

  • Fetch dependencies from sugar-jhbuild (native sugar building system)
  • Add distro-independent content like common package dependencies, various strings, urls etc.
  • Use distro-specific templates to generate native packages

Supported distros

Currently supported followed distributions:


Meta packages to install bunch of sugar components

  • glucose provides soft(<dev_branch) dependencies to core components
  • fructose provides core activities and soft(<dev_branch) dependency to sugar-toolkit


release cycle


sugar-toolkit 0.82.11
sugar-base 0.82.2
presence-service 0.82.2
datastore 0.82.1
artwork 0.82.3
journal-activity 99
sugar 0.82.9


log-activity 16
chat-activity 48
pippy-activity 25
etoys 3.0.2160
web-activity 99
terminal-activity 19
write 60
read-activity 52
calculate 23


release cycle


glucose 0.83.4
artwork 0.83.3
datastore 0.83.3
presence-service 0.83.3
sugar 0.83.6
sugar-base 0.83.3
sugar-toolkit 0.83.5


fructose 0.83.4
calculate 28
chat-activity 62
etoys 4.0.2205
imageviewer-activity 5
jukebox 6
log-activity 16
pippy-activity 25
read-activity 63
terminal-activity 21
turtleart-activity 23
web-activity 103
write 61