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This page lists the places in the world where Sugar is used along with a contact person that will facilitate communication between the global and the local communities.

The column "# of members" is intended to give a rough estimation of the size of the local community and may include children, educators, parents, volunteers, etc


Region Languages # of members Contact
India English, Hindi, Marathi 32 Joshua Pritikin
Nepal Nepali 40 Bryan Berry, Rabi Karmacharya
Quezon City, Philippines Filipino, English 30 Jerome Gotangco


Region Languages # of members Contact
Ethiopia Amharic  ?  ?


Region Languages # of members Contact
Colombia Spanish 7 RafaelOrtiz
Peru Spanish  ? Hernan Pachas?
Uruguay Spanish  ? Pablo Flores?
Paraguay Spanish 4500 Raul Gutierrez S.
Boston, USA English  ? Caroline Meeks?


Region Languages # of XOs Software version # of members Contact
Graz, Austria German 25 build 767 7 David Van Assche, Christoph Derndorfer


Region Languages # of members Contact
Solomon Islands Pijin, Marovo  ? David Leeming?