Deployment Team/School Key

  • Note: Please find updated instructions to try this out on the following page: Sugar on a Stick

We will be working to deploy Sugar through bootable USB devices -

We are trying to get this to work at computer labs in the following Schools

Vision of different ways the USB might work in the students environment

  • USB based boot have and advantage because expands the Sugar experience home and to other computers outside the school.
  • Thin Client type environments use fewer computers in a computer lab setting and save energy.

Can we get the best of both worlds?

This is a User Story about "Sasha" a fictional 2nd grader living in a fictional urban school district that has fully employed Sugar at all its elementary schools.

Sasha can access Sugar from in a wide variety of settings. I will create a different location for each type of environment. The point of this User Story is to get feedback on which of these ideas are technically feasible, and whether they are worth doing.

Home: Sasha has a donated computer at home. The disk drive was removed. Sasha boots the home computer from the USB.

Grandma's House: Sasha also uses Grandma's computer. Grandma's computer does not allow the Bios to be set to boot from USB, or maybe Grandma just doesn't know how to do it, so Sasha keeps a CD there. To use Sugar Sasha put in the CD, plugs in the USB and turns on the computer. The boot starts with the CD, and then the CD tells the system to look on the USB for most of the files.

Clinic next door to a School - A health clinic located right next door Sasha's school has a close partnership with the school. Many students are seen there so they decided to add a donated computer to their waiting room just for kids to use Sugar. This computer still has its hard-drive, but it's dedicated for Sugar. Some of the basic sugar files are located on the hard drive and it is set up to allow students to log out rather then shutting down and restarting between each student.

The Zoo: Sasha sometimes takes Saturday classes at the Zoo on science themes. They have a cart of sturdy laptops, with built in cameras, mics, and sensors they can plug in. Many of their programs involve taking the kids outside with the laptops. These laptops are exclusively used for the children's programs and they always use Sugar. 95% percent of the kids come in with their School USB, they have loaners for the ones who don't. The laptops are exclusively for Sugar but they still have Hard Drives and when it boots it uses some of the files on the hard drive and looks to the USB for user files. This saves boot time because the files on the hard drive save hardware configuration data and reading the hard drive is faster then reading a USB.

YMCA: After school and on snow days and vacations Sasha goes to the local YMCA. There is a bank of 10 computers for kids to use. They are thin clients run from one server. There is a USB port, and the user experience is just like booting on a stand alone computer, except because it doesn't really have to fully boot for each student switching users is much faster.

At School: Due to the E-Rate program Sasha's school and all the schools in tow are well connected so the schools system decided to take advantage of the economies of scale and hosts a large server centrally. In each classroom there are thin clients and a USB port. The user experience is exactly the same as at the YMCA, but in this case the server is located several miles away.

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