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====Introduce "Lab" visual element?====
====Introduce "Lab" visual element?====

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Please add your logo ideas to the image gallery.


Ribofuranose-2D-skeletal.png Ribose Sugar
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Beta-D-glucose-3D-vdW.png Glucose Sugar

Sugar Cube

Logo proposal.eben.png Logotype proposal.eben.png

Building Blocks

Here's a derivative idea, based on the "Sugar cube" proposal from before. If we consider representing Sugar as a building block, we could treat Sugarlabs as community structure composed of those blocks, emphasizing both construction(ism) and collaboration. Please note that this is a really quick sketch, and details such as size, placement, color, font, and even the rendition of the cube should be considered in detail, if this direction seems worth exploring.

Sugarlabs proposal.eben.png

Text in pseudo-Sugar icon style

The colors and line weights need adjusting, but just to give an idea. It is simple and flexible and it intends to give the impression of multiple elements making a whole--in this case a word.

Sugarlabs text1.png

Introduce "Lab" visual element?