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Tags under titles

Example mock-up based on current Journal (0.84) using two lines for title and tags per each entry. Notes: Entries with no tags have their title vertically centred to keep visual balance; entries with more tags than can be displayed end with an ellipsis, this could just be indicative that there are more tags, or have hover hint function showing the remaining un-displayed tags. Clicking a tag should add it to the search field to allow drilling down into results.

Tollbar and palettes


  • Mock-up of tag palette (before alstoot starts throwing heavy objects at me).
  • Add and mock-up an 'Anytime' palette.
  • Add and mock-up an 'Anyone' palette.
  • Try and find better design for the 'Anything' filter/funnel icon.


Toolbar rework using standard button icons instead of text menus (the Activity filter icon is a temporary design placeholder, suggestions welcome!)


Example using a palette with a grid layout to show many items on screen at once and reduce scrolling (Activity filter icon is a temporary design placeholder, suggestions welcome!) Clicking on an item will highlight it (as shown on the default 'Anything' icon) and place it's icon in the toolbar.


Grid palette, not much here to see, other than to note that Grid view has been placed as a top level toolbar button as it's likely a frequent view to be switched to and from (grid view is inherently an object-view).


List palette, Journal Grid view and List view are (I think) the primary views users will switch between, so I've swapped around the design priority from Eben so that (potential future) action-view and object-view are secondary items for the List view. Once/if action-view is implemented/proven it would likely be the default List view.