Design Team/Proposals/Welcome First Boot Intro

First Boot Welcome Feature

This design proposal tries to cove the needs of ticket #11816 while keeping the first boot user experience as smooth and Sugar friendly as possible. The first boot process should be:

  1. Boot animation
  2. Welcome view
  3. Naming view
  4. Coloir picker view
  5. Sugar home view

Once at the sugar desktop a Welcome Activity is available if the users wants to review the welcome content at a later time. The activity should have a standard Sugar toolbar with buttons for back and next that render the content, centred, onto a plain white canvas (same colour as first boot background) with no borders. The allows for content imagers with no visible edge boundaries. Content images can be of varying width and height, up to some recommended maximum, always presented centred on the canvas.

Welcome View

  • Welcome view, user can step through or skip welcome content providing initial XO and Sugar orientation.

Naming View

Naming view, user types their name. The next button is initially inactive until the user starts to type a name.

Colour Picker View

Colour picker, user chooses their fill and stroke colours.

Sugar Home View

  • First boot process leads to the Sugar Home view, where the user can choose to review the welcome content by starting the Welcome activity.