Design Team/Sugar Shell Touch Input



Favourite view

  • Add new grid layout?
  • Maximise Activity icon size for finger friendliness
  • Disable Activity icon dragging for fixed layouts, or fully implement feature

List view

  • Scrolling
  • Favourite star hit behaviour

Neighborhood view

  • Remove primary action from AP icons
  • Remove primary action from ad-hoc icons
  • Invoke ad-hoc, AP, Activity, Buddy palettes on single touch
  • Remove primary action from shared Activities


  • Frame expose/hide gesture (swipe in from any screen edge, swipe out over any screen edge)
  • Hide keyboard shortcut hint accelerators
  • Hide/expose on screen keyboard. Show one or other, not both at the same time


  • Hide pointer cursor when touch screen interaction is occurring, reveal if/when mouse or trackpad is used
  • Palette hover/click behaviours
  • Hide all keyboard shortcut accelerators when booting on touch only devices
  • Make toolbar overflow drop-down widget a standard sugar toolbutton width to allow easier access
  • Up/down menu overflow UI too thin (hard to scroll up, gtk combo widget needs work here)

Group view

  • Remove primary action from shared Activities
  • Invoke Buddy palette on single touch

Details view